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October 24: NYC! Women’s Leadership Summit on the Business of Social Media: Brand, Risk and Engagement in the Workforce & Marketplace #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #social

I’m so excited about the upcoming Women’s Leadership Summit on the Business of Social Media: Brand, Risk and Engagement in the Workforce and Marketplace sponsored by NAFE and Working Women’s Magazine along with IBM!

The NAFE crew, headed by Carol Evans. She  is the president and founder of Working Mother Media, a division of Bonnier Corp. Working Mother Media includes Working Mother magazine,, National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) and Diversity Best Practices.

Social media is going to change the way we do business as much as the internet did when it first came into use, and that change is happening quickly. Leveraged to its fullest capacity, social media can enable businesses to outpace competition and accelerate growth. Women who understand the power of social business will reap unparalleled benefits and career growth, including enhanced visibility, recognition as forward thinkers, and superior networking capabilities—all essential skills for career advancement.

The Working Mother Media/NAFE Women’s Leadership Summit will guide participants through a life-changing program filled with techniques, advice, inspiration, and innovative strategies. Participants will learn from the women who pioneered social business and explore how social business can help them build online identities and grow as leaders, communicators, and skilled businesswomen. Attendees will learn strategies to overcome misperceptions, secure solid support networks, and position themselves as players in motion within their respective organizations.

 Do you want to come?    Who should attend:

  • Women interested in learning how to harness the business power of social media
  •  High-achieving women from throughout the corporation
  • Line Professionals with P&L Responsibility
  • Diversity and Human Resource Professionals
  • Women in leading positions building digital strategies for organizations

We have TONS of case studies presented by amazing women and firechats so that we can all get real on what being social means.

I cannot wait!!!!!   Join me!


  1. Hi Sandy, I’m an Italian IBMer. Is it possible to follow online the Summit? If yes, in which way? I am really interested in Social Business subjects and I would like to virtual join you.
    Best Regards
    Paola Denaro
    Rome, Italy

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