Redirect Lightning! Social Employees are Energy! Social Business Coffee Break! #ls13 #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz

September 3, 2012
Happy Labor Day if you are in the U.S.!   
Since employees with influence in social networks can come from anywere in the company, companies should reward their social prowess!  They have already spent the time and effort to build their digital eminence, and they are they are the lightning rods of your organization for attention!  
Do you agree?


  1. Reblogged this on mrsocialbusiness and commented:
    These videos are eye opener! Follow Sandys Blog!

    • I am honored!! Thank you!

  2. I agree and would only add, that success in social networks, as in any network, requires coachability, passion and empathy and a high level of trust, which are all the essence of leadership! Thank you Sandy for continously sharing excellent content, love your Blog!

    • Thank you!!!

  3. Reposted from Daniel’s blog. Well, IBM, I still remember the old AS/400 days in the 1990s and then my first PS2 PC from IBM. :)
    Greetings from the Lake of Constance
    Roger Koplenig
    http://XeeMe.com/RogerKoplenig (my entire social presence)

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