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Great feedback on Social Business Coffee Breaks! Crowdsourcing future topics! #ls12 #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #e20conf

Gang:  Thanks for the great feedback on the Social Business Coffee Breaks!   I will continue these each Monday but want to hear from you!

Comment, Tweet, LinkedIn, text me.. your challenges, ideas so that I can continue to serve you new ideas, and fresh approaches!    What do you want me to focus on next!


  1. Hi Sandy-

    Cool idea, thanks for opening up the floor! Love the coffee breaks and am excited to hear some of the crowd sourced ideas.

    One of the topics I’d be interested to get your thoughts on is content, it’s role in social marketing and how brands can create an effective content strategy to power their social.

    Most brands have a basic understanding of the value and potential that social can have for their brand, but in order to generate social activity around their brand, they have to have a content strategy to start the conversation.

    Especially for small to medium size businesses that don’t have large budgets to create elaborate content, this is often times easier and cheaper said than done!

    Would love to get your thoughts and insights around how various sized brands can create a content strategy to power their social strategy.

    Thanks so much!


  2. HI Sandy, I work in ING IA team. ING Bank is struggling with their Social Media Strategy. How to capitalize on Social Media information ( which IBM will provide actually ). Do you have examples/ use cases from Bank which are successful in this space?

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