CEOs Open their Eyes to Social! True or False?! #ibmsocialbiz #ibm #socbiz #ls12

July 12, 2012

Our IBM CEO Study of over 1700 CEOs, articulated that CEOs are finally opening their eyes to Social

Do you think this is doable at our CEO level today?  What are you doing with your CEO to get them “using” Social and driving a Social Business!



  1. I believe that only companies who have reached a certain level of maturity (e.g. Graves L5) are ready to embrace social collaboration media to benefit from their social intelligence.

    Has anybody heard of something like a ‘Social Media / Business Readiness Check’?

    • IBM does have a checklist that we use in the Social Business Agenda workshop that we do. But I’d love to see any others as well.

  2. True colors: as CEOs get on the bandwagon and the drgee to which they engage will influence + or – their companies. Perhaps Jim Collins will write a book about it!

    • Agree completely!

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    good questions being raised

    • Thanks John! Let me know the response! Sandy

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    Early adapters with passion behind it will have the edge!

  5. Wow lets now imagine 7-10 years. The world is becoming more interconnected and integrated requiring emotional intelligence and social eminence embeeded into the culture of each organisation. Great eye opener and valuale C-Level executives!

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