Timing is EVERYTHING in Social Engagement! #socbiz #sxsw #ibmsocialbiz #ibm #infographic

March 16, 2012

A Social Business engages its client constantly … participating in the dialogue!  In order to do that, you have to leveraging the social tactics when your client is online! 

I loved the below infographic (complements of Argyle Social) that shows many companies are off on their engagement timing!   Are you one of those?!

 When are we posting?  Timing needs to be strategic
Engagement varies by B2B or B2C:
Weekdays vs Weekends:  Do you have the team at the right time?!


  1. Working hours of social marketers not syncing up with customer usage hours will continue to be a problem in all but the most forward thinking companies. Getting the most proficient marketeers working on a schedule aligned with customer usage hours, especially in b2c, will only happen when org’s provide a brilliant environment and worthwhile incentives. For the many companies who still don’t ‘get’ the ideology of social, this will be very far from a top priority, and they’ll lose ground as a consequence.

    Thanks for sharing Sandy!

    Luke W
    Community Manager

    • I agree. I think the leadership companies will be all over this — understanding and caring about your clients is a core differentiator! This was the #1 prioritiy for those ‘stand out’ companies in the last CEO study!


  2. Sandy,

    Asynchronous communication has been there throughout the history of marketing. Providing a visual evidence using the info-graphics only leads one to ask, how vital is “real-time” communication? Is it mandatory for all marketers? In my view a lot will depend on the situations, products/services. It becomes a necessary differentiation for stand out companies only under exceptional circumstances.
    I may be wrong. But for those exceptional situations, we will need sophisticated work-environments and new paradigms/solutions rather than mere advocacy.


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