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Hanukkah Goes Social too! Check it out! Fun! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #ls12 #connect12

December 26, 2011

I love the feedback on our Holiday Series on cool use of Social for the Holidays!

1.  Overall Social on Hanukkah- interesting that people are tracking it and where it is popular!

2.  Video:

Here’s a new one from my friends celebrating Hanukkah!   The Maccabeats sing ‘Hanukkah’—a festive parody of Taio Cruz’s ‘Dynamite’.  The video went viral last Hanukkah and has been viewed over 6.3 million times so far. 

 “I flip my latkes in the air sometimes, singing Ayy-ohhhhh, spin the Dreidel!”


More kids tracked Santa with NORAD through Social media! #socbiz #ls12 #connect12 #ibmsocialbiz #lewebibm

December 25, 2011

NORAD tracks Santa each year.    But this year, in addition to the record breaking 102K calls coming (we were one of those too! since Michelle Obama was answering some calls from Hawaii!), Social Media, including the facebook page of almost 1M likes helped to make it the best ever!

NORAD volunteers also answered children’s questions via Twitter and Facebook.By Christmas Day, the Facebook page had more than 999,000 likes – up from 700,000 last year.



Very creative use of “Facebook” to tell the Christmas story ! Social examples continue of Christmas! #socbiz

December 25, 2011

Check this one out!  Another friend sent me this one!  Very creative use of showing the Christmas story using a “facebook” version.   


Another one! The Social Christmas Tree in Singapore! #ls12 #connect12 #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz

December 25, 2011

The Christmas series continues!  My friends from Singapore sent me this Social Christmas Tree .. like the one in Canada!  Is this a trend?

What’s the deal here?  Well, you create your own “personal” tree in this facebook app and then your “personal” tree will be activated on the 11 meter high digital installation between the 17th-26th of December at Clarke Quay in Singapore!


Amazing Social Christmas Tree in Canada – You have to see this! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #ibmpartner #ls12

December 24, 2011

A friend, Robert Dowling, just shared this with me!  HOW cool!

This tree is in Toronto’s Union Station and its lights are powered by taking “positive Christmas comments from social networks like Twitter and Facebook and using the data to spark 30,000 LED lights.”

Sheldon Levine of Sysomos, the Toronto-based analytics company behind the project, explains:

“Each color of light represents Christmas spirit coming from a different social channel. White lights represent social networks like Twitter and public Facebook statuses, red for blog and forum posts, green for online news and blue lights for messages sent through text [directly to] The more social media spirit that comes in at one time the brighter the tree shines.”



The Social Floating Christmas Tree! #ibmsocialbiz #ls12 #connect12 #ibm #socbiz

December 24, 2011


My friends from Brazil sent me this picture of the Christmas tree that floats around in the Harbor!

What a great analogy with Social!!

 Having the flexibility to float into workgroups with Social Tools, and have teams spring up around a topic or project.   I believe that this is the new way of working and this tree visually showcases the freedom and flexibility that this approach brings to the table!

Merry Christams!  


Merry “Social” Christmas! Fun #ibmsocialbiz #connect12 #ls12 #e2conf #lewebibm

December 23, 2011

To all!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A  fun “social” Christmas views! It is in spanish but I think is funny anyway.  Always there a dispute between Reyes Magos and Santa Claus.



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