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Mobile is Social’s Little Secret!


Social networking has had a profound effect on society. Couple this with the explosion of mobile devices makes this the right time to move from the hands of teens to business!


Consider these facts:


– There are more than one billion mobile users


– 86 percent of business people now use social media to help them make business decisions, according to a recent report from the Renegade firm.


– Sales of smartphones and tablets have surpassed PCs;


– 72 percent of firms surveyed by Aberdeen Group say they allow employees to use their own smartphones or tablets for work;


– A recent IDC survey said that 95 percent of workers have used technology they purchased for themselves for work;


– Global mobile data traffic is projected to grow 26 times over the next five years, according to a Kleiner-Perkins slideshare presentation.

Due to this Mobile Explosion, I thought I’d share the recent Social Business press release on this topic!

Check it out! 


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