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Get ready for Get Bold! Social Business is the 5th Era in Business Transformation! #ibm #ibmpartner #getsocial11 #ls11

August 30, 2011

I’d love you to order the new book with IBM’s Point of View on Social Business and over 70 case studies that you can learn from!

Here’s a quick peek!


Social Business Learnings from HURRICANE Irene! #ls11 #getsocial11 #socialbiz #ibm #ibmpartner

August 29, 2011

As I was in Hurricane Irene this weekend, I thought of the similarities of a Hurricane and Social Media!
1. The EYE.   A Hurricane makes motion around its Eye, the center of the storm.   A Social Business should make motion around its value add..  It should focus on sharing expertise and ways to listen, more than just pushing its message into the blogosphere. 

2.  Hurricanes have no fronts.   Social Businesses are the same.  They are transparent.  There are no fronts to them. They are open, and honest. They share information freely across all parties.

3.   None are immune to Hurricanes.  As we learned with Irene, all can be touched by one of the triple forces of  the winds, rains, and waves.   Just as none are immune to Social.  You cannot “opt out” of being Social.     Your company can choose to embrace it for deepening relationships with your clients, or ignore it at your own peril, not realizing what is being said about you.

4.  You need to watch the direction and progress of a Hurricane.   With Irene, we watched the signs of when it might hit, and where it might hit. Social Businesses need to listen to their clients, and influencers.    Without seeing what the comments and feedback is, you cannot be prepared and grow as a company. 

5.  Be prepared.   While seeing the Hurricane approach us in NY, we got prepared with flashlights, water, and food.    As a Social Business, you need to be prepared to arm your employees with the right tools in the market.   I loved this quote from a site in NC:  . It is not if a hurricane will hit but when.  With this in mind, knowledge and preparation are essential.  I believe the same is true with Social.  Social is the 5th transformational IT trend that is impacting the way we work.



Social Business In Real Life! #socialbiz #getsocialbiz #ls11 #ibm #wrightsville #wilmington

August 25, 2011

Today I was seeing how Social Business is impacting everyday life, not just work!

Hybrid media is now becoming common. As I am watching the weather on the hurricane, I saw the “traditional ” media mixed with social.  Check it out!


ThenI went to Chick Filet — one of my favorites!  And going through the drive in for the Ice Tea, I saw this one!


And then in Willmington, NC where I vacationed, I saw this with the caption:   100 years ago, the people of Wilmington used to meet, enjoy picnics, and socialize in an area known as “3rd Street Plaza”, so it goes today but in a social network!

I ‘d love to see what you see that is now showcasing that Social is now our 5th transformational trend today!


Social Business: SXSW Panel Votes! Need your help! #getsocial11 #ls11 #gitomer #socialbiz #ibm #ibmpartners

August 18, 2011

All:  I love SXSW and the conference in Austin! It has the best forward looking views on Social!

For some reason, my entry this year on the site is having a title issue so that no one can find it to search on it. I still your votes!! Can you please help me?!

While SXSW is working on it, the only way to vote for my session is to go direct.


Use of Social in Lead Passing ! Part 2 of Social Selling – #getsocial11 #sales #gitomer #ls11

August 13, 2011

A few days ago, I posted on how we are using Twitter to get leads into our system.

I received several comments and questions about lead passing.   Let me share with you a few examples of how we use social to pass leads!  Afterall, we do not want to throw those new leads away!

A potential customer from “Endicott College” is navigating IBM’s solutions for Higher Education and online collaboration for virtual students. As they explore the site, an representative is notified and asks the customer if they want to chat via instant messaging.

After a couple conversation, connecting on LinkedIN, and additional information is provided, the customer wants to see how the product works and talk with other customers.

The representative checks the Social CRM system at IBM as well as searches for product experts and local representatives close to Endicott College campus. The representative also posts his/her micro-blogging status internally about the interest in online collaboration from Endicott College.

Within hours, multiple people inside IBM comment on his/her status. Some comments are from peers working with other customers in Higher Ed and wanting to get ideas for solutions. Some comments are from local resources at IBM that are familiar or alumni at Endicott College and want to make sure they get connected with the right IBM resource.

It even caught my attention as I was going out to meet with another University in the fall. The power of internal micro-blogging is not necessarily about the mass followers and tippers as it is in the consumer space like Twitter and YouTube. The power is in the more granular details provided in a secure manor while still leveraging the tippers inside your organization firewalls.

All IBMers had access to this micro-blogging status and unlike Twitter, he/she was able to post the customers name. IBM guidelines prevent employes from specifically sharing customer names unless authorized. Had it not been for he/she stating she was working with “Endicott College”, the thread would not have generated local responses and the details that followed.


Social Business: Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch! #getsocialbiz #socbiz #ibm

August 12, 2011

Mark’s New Blog!


Get Bold! Coming out September 15! Free Chapter 1! #getsocial11 #ls11

August 12, 2011


I am honored to have been asked to write an IBM point of View on Social Business.  This book, called GET BOLD, comes out on September.  It has inside its covers over 70 case studies from Great and Leading Clients like:  Celestica, Avery Dinenison, IBM, Cemex,  and more.

Compliments of IBM, here is Chapter 1 to you to see what it will contain!



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