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Get Bold! Coming out September 15! Free Chapter 1! #getsocial11 #ls11


I am honored to have been asked to write an IBM point of View on Social Business.  This book, called GET BOLD, comes out on September.  It has inside its covers over 70 case studies from Great and Leading Clients like:  Celestica, Avery Dinenison, IBM, Cemex,  and more.

Compliments of IBM, here is Chapter 1 to you to see what it will contain!


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  1. @sandy Just wanted to let you know that I recently comment on a blog and mentioned how your book inspired my definition of Social BPM as “The infusion of social technologies into the business process in ways which unlock the intellectual capital and unstructured communications of its participants.”

    check it out in the reply seciton of this blog

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