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Social Business – E2.0! What is a Social Business? #socbiz #e2conf #ls11 #getsocial11

I am here at E2.0!  Moving around a bit slowly but meeting some great clients all day today!  Tomorrow I have a client breakfast, a community manager lunch, a session at 1:30PM  and a book signing!!


I love that the conference this year is dedicated to Social Business!  But today I six clients ask me what a Social Business was!

So here’s my first post from E2.0!   What is a social business?

A Social Business is a business that embeds “social” in all of its processes, connecting people to people, people to information, and data to insight. It is a company that engages its employees and clients in a two way dialogue with social tools, is transparent in sharing its expertise beyond its four walls, and is nimble in its use of insight to change on a dime, It is different from Social Media, in that Social Media primarily addresses or focuses on marketing and public relations. (That’s where the media comes from.)



  1. Sandy, that definition resonates with me. Question: For your phrasing – “nimble in its use of insight to change on a dime” – Does that assume business analytics are applied, amongst other technologies, to provide insight from the volume of data that people must deal with in an E2.0 environment?

    • Sandy Carter

      June 21, 2011 at 2:16 pm

      Yes for sure! A Social Business leverages these social networks to speed up business, gaining real-time insight to make quicker and better decisions. It gets information to customers and partners in new ways – faster. . It utilizes analytics and social connections inside and outside the company to solve business problems and capture new business opportunities!

      Do you use any great social analytics tools today?

  2. Great definition, i believe we have to create a drill everytime we face someone asking for what is Social Business, provide education to them thru a ser of questions that allow them understand and get some interest to embrace this movement!

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