How do you become a Social Business?!

March 7, 2011

Featuring the New Social Business Agenda!

I’d love your thoughts on this agenda!

One comment

  1. Sandy, I think your AGENDA echos what we follow at Social Business Consulting Group (Sobizco) where our strategist follow several methodologies from Social Media Academy. The key points of both are make sure you are balancing business goals and objectives (and budget of course) with the need to use social channels. You need to follow a model that helps you build a network, contribute valuable content, and participate in the customer ecosystem. Lastly, a cross functional business initiative needs to be in place to make sure all departments and staff understand the initiative and can become evangelists and advocate regardless of who the actual social media contact is. If you have a sound strategy, it will track and measure success and provide policy for social media behavior and escalation when something goes wrong. Glad to hear that IBM is helping to lead the education on Social Business education.


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