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IBM’s Social Business Forum! C levels come and join us!

I am so excited about IBM’s Social Business Industries Symposium. It is January 31st and February 1st in Orlando Florida.

It will be focused on how organizations are investing in social strategies to drive greater profits and revenues.

We will focus on a roadmap of entry points to get started in your transformation.

The topics will help C level executives focus in on:
1. Leveraging social for business value
2. Re-engineering business processes in order to become much more effective social business – what does that mean?
3. Organizational change and transformation to become social business: from hierarchic to more distributed leadership and management

Plus there will be a ton of success stories around repeatable patterns in: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service/Support, Product Development, HR, and Operations.

If you are interested in coming, please email me at!

It is Truly a MUST ATTEND EVENT!   #ls11

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  1. Great initiative Sandy. Love to join but may not be able to make it this time. Here is why I think your initiative is so valuable:

    Today one can search “Has anybody Experience with…” and Google for instance returns 16 Million results. Just 5 years ago this question would have been irrelevant as there was an insignificant number of user generated content that would answer the question. The level of influence has shifted from industry generated promotional content to user experience based content contribution. Businesses will not die if they don’t participate in the social web – but they will loose influence and settle with the 20% of accidental sales versus the 80% recommendation based educated purchase decision.

    (my social presence on one page)

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