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Social Media Sandy’s Take on IBM’s Industry Symposium

The IBM Industry Symposium was in Spain this week — featuring a business development day and 2 days with global clients.

My key take aways from the event:

1.  Smarter Planet is an aspirational goal. Clients see value in the Smarter Planet value proposition and view the goals as their goals.

2.  New language.  LOB is becoming more important as a decision maker and therefore anybody needs to speak their language.  For example, the newly introduce CMO agenda has CMO speak.  The Industry Frameworks are in native language of the industry.

3.  IBM Ahead on the Industry Frameworks.   The Frameworks serve as the cookbook for the focus areas that make a difference. 

4.   Social business is mainstream.  From Air Canada, to IBM, to 1800 flowers, to Oncor, Social business was part of CEO, CIO, and CTO conversations about how to connect to the client of today and tomorrow.

5.  Becoming an Uber Connected Corporation is critical for competitiveness.   The executive focus and dollars invested in the IBM ecosystem was impressive and completely aligned with the IBM strategy. For example, the new SVP Industry Authorization provides partners access to critical “ingredient” assets.  

6.  Analytics is the new black.    Analytics for predictive capability is the way to dynamically reach your clients.   Learn about it and hire the skills now.  Enough said.

7.  Show me the outcomes.  It is now all about business outcomes.  2009 was about efficiencies and cost reduction.  2010 is all about revenue growth.

8.  Industry experts are the new popular kids.   Everyone the industry experts from clients and IBM went, a train of people followed.   This industry expertise is the new hot skill in the market.  Tell your kids.

9.  Tolerance is gone.  Given everyone is used to the interface of the iPad, iPhone, gaming, etc, the new view of IT is that it must be friendly and easy.   I heard this in EVERY industry group I attended.

10.   Vertical is the buzz.   Enough said.

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  1. Leonard R Williams

    November 18, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    Hello Sandy, I don’t recall having communicated back to you; but will like to honestly say that your correspondence has been worth all my time and not only that it has stood as a beacon for my knowledge foundation in crafting a path that is truly inspiring, it has been well informed and caused a crave off ‘wanting to know more’ Promise to a keep you alert of my undertakings .You’ve been very resourceful and my sincerest applause goes to you, thank you so much,
    Leonard R Williams

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