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Avatar and 3D — The 3D’s of observation

How many of you have seen Avatar?

What’s amazing to me about that movie is the technology and the 3D experience.  It impacted me so much I decided to sit down and really think about how it will impact the future of our social businesses.

I came up with 3 Ds of impact! Data, Desire, and Domain Eminence! 

1)  Data Overload Savior?!  Since we are all in data overload, 3D can help make us more action oriented!  For instance,  Deutsche Bahn (DB), Germany’s national railway uses visualization software to create information-rich user displays for its new train dispatching application, resulting in improved speed and accuracy of decision-making and reduced staff training time to use the dispatching system to “almost zero” from 5 to 8 days per user, according to DB Systems management. 

By visualizing the data, making it come alive, the teams could focus on acting on the data, not trying to sort through data.  A great direction to head!

2)  Desire.  Techcrunch declared Avatar the iphone app for movies!So true, now that you’ve seen this movie, who wants to see a movie that’s not 3D?   This movie teases you with the potential of what is to come.

I now want to see my Twitter IDs in 3D and collaborate in 3d!.  See this Youtube video on how it might look — just a start!

3)  Domain Eminence!

I can envision using 3D — to showcase domain eminence.  For instance, see how the medical field is using 3D !  How cool is this one to take the medical profession to the next level of customer service!

And then I have personally experienced 3D power with the game that we are using to showcase our technology education!

I have to show it to you!    What do you think? It has a 80% higher recall through 3D education !

I’d love your thoughts.  Are you seeing the impact of 3D today?  What do you see for tomorrow?


  1. Sandy, I still like to talk with people who look like people, not big blue cats 🙂

    Do you realize that you have lots of typos in your post, using the wrong words, so part of this don’t make a lot of sense.

    To give you a counter viewpoint, I don’t care about 3 D at Lotusphere or AVATAR. I want to go to Lotusphere to meet real people, have real conversations and get back to F2F stuff. Have you thought about that for 2010? Living virtual with 3D glasses seems kind of unnecessary with you can meet with people and see them in real life. I also still like BOF sessions and lunches with others for networking.

    • sandraanncarter

      January 12, 2010 at 7:20 pm

      Please show to me the places that I could correct! I’d love to!

      I too love to see people in person — and never doubt that people to people or P2P is the best.

      But I love the potential of 3D making it seem more real instead of travel.

      Your thoughts?


  2. When you say:
    I can up with 3 Ds of impact! Data, Desire, and Domain Eminence!

    Do you mean:
    I came up with 3 words to describe the 3 Ds of impact! Data, Desire, and Domain Eminence!

  3. Sandy,

    3D is the next wave of collaborating, meeting, teaching, training, etc…it’s not going to replace P2P, but in this economic crisis, where every organization is counting pennies and concerned about their carbon footprint, this only makes sense. Check out It’s not about replacing P2P, it’s about making the current way we communicate, conference, meet over the phone as better way. If 3D can help with the environment, instead of the old ways of wasting resources, than I’m all for it. That’s what the internet is for!

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