Internet of Things – Part 2 – Where should you focus? A Vblog

July 28, 2014


TGIF: Rosie powers through to win SmartCamp Cambridge with mobile and predictive!

July 25, 2014

I’m thrilled to announce that Rosie is the winner of the SmartCamp Cambridge event!

Rosie is a leading SaaS provider of predictive online and mobile shopping applications to local merchants. Their solution is aimed at improving the grocery store shopping experience by predicting the grocery items shoppers need before they run out, at the lowest price from local grocers and online retailers.

What does their solution do for grocery retailers? Rosie provides e-commerce, delivery opportunities, and deep data services. And for consumers, Rosie enables them to shop online for their favorite local stores for delivery or in-store pickup. No more running up and down the aisles looking for what you need! Rosie provides it in a mobile app!

And here’s another tidbit about Rosie: they’re focused on diversity with a workforce that is 50% women! Now that’s an ingredient for success!



VacantBoards uses Big Data and Analytics for the SmartCamp Lagos win!

July 24, 2014

Imagine a company that uses big data and analytic software to capture data on the flow of traffic to determine the value of advertising on billboards. A solution like that could help small businesses, as well as enterprise-level businesses, maximize their advertising dollars when selecting the right billboard.

You don’t have to imagine that company, because we found them at a SmartCamp event! VacantBoards was announced the winner of SmartCamp Lagos!

VacantBoards developed the very solution I described above. Driven by big data and analytics, their solution is a game changer in the African advertising industry. And, even better, their solution is provided at the touch of your fingers through a mobile app! How powerful is that?!

Congratulations to VacantBoards and to the Lagos ecosystem for putting on another great SmartCamp!



A New Video Blog Series on Internet of Things!

July 21, 2014

Today we start a full video coffee blog series on internet of things.


Heading to BlogHer ’14 next week? Why Blogging is a gateway drug!

July 18, 2014

Sandy Carter:

BlogHer is one of my favorite content networks and events. So I was very excited to have the opportunity to talk to co-founders Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins.

We talked about developing more opportunities for women in tech, why when thinking mobile you need to think tablets, and how in certain markets every blogger needs to be a pinner.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out BlogHer!

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

BlogHer 2014, the 10th anniversary celebration of the popular women’s blogging network, kicks off next Thursday, July 24th in San Jose, California. There’s still time to register, and we hope you do — we’ll be there, too!

This year, along with a Happiness Bar offering in-person support for your WordPress sites, we’re hosting a series of short workshops on the topics you care about most. We’re also excited to welcome some of the amazing WordPress bloggers nominated as BlogHer Voices of The Year — they’ll join us for a series of informal panels where we can chat all things blogs and blogging.

Interested? Here’s the schedule:

Friday, July 25

  • 10 AM: Talking Shop with BlogHer Voices of the Year
  • 11 AM: WordPress.com or Self-Hosted: Which One is Right for You?
  • 12:30 PM: Own Your Content: Tips for Switching Blog Platforms
  • 1:30 PM: Talking Shop with BlogHer Voices of the Year
  • 2:30 PM: Getting Great…

View original 131 more words


Internet of Things – Monday Coffee Break Video!

July 14, 2014

The internet of things is growing in importance, especially in a set of industries!

Today’s Coffee Break focuses on the Internet of things!


Bluemix Girls Night out! Diversity improves performance and increases innovation

July 11, 2014

Organizations that are the most inclusive of women in top management achieve 35% higher return on equity (ROE) and 34% better total return to shareholders versus their peers – and research shows gender diversity to be particularly valuable where innovation is key, according to research conducted by Illuminate Ventures.

Despite women making up more than 50% of the population, women are conspicuously absent in IT. Only 3% of tech companies were founded by women, and, of venture-backed startups, only 1.3% have a female founder and only 6.5% have a woman CEO. Women make up half of all consumers, but by not having their voice included in the development of today’s new technology, the world is missing out on a wave of new technology and products that would appeal to both genders.

Women in IT has always been low, but today it is even lower than 30 years ago. Today, women represent 12% of all computer science graduates. In 1984, they represented 37% of all computer science graduates.

Much of this has to do with exposure to computer science before college and during college. According to Code.org, nine out of ten schools don’t even offer computer science classes, and in 28 out of 50 states, computer science doesn’t count towards a math or science credit.

This is why I love the focus on more women in Computer Science!  Join our movement to get more women in Tech!

In Japan, our team hosted a great event for a “Girls Night Out” around the cloud!

If you are interested in hosting a “Bluemix Girls Night Out” in your region, please let me know!

japan girls night out



2014: Year of the Entrepreneur

July 10, 2014

Have you noticed the new energy around Entrepreneurship?

For instance, Shark Tank is one of the most popular family shows.  Families are teaching their kids about the potential and the feasibility of changing the world.

We now have Restaurant Start-up and even Walmart is running a “entrepreneur” event to gather new products for its US stores.

And more women are also joining the trend …. did you know that  nearly 20% of angels  invested in women-led businesses — the percentage grew more than 40% from the previous year, according to the Center of Venture Research.

Why is this the case?

1.   There is more access to capital and it costs less to start a business.   With new technologies like cloud, the cost to begin a start up is less, and areas like social enable businesses to market like the large companies for less.

2.  There is more “hope” now in the economy that in the past few years.   Yes, CNBC says we are in the period of overjoy, there are signs that our economy is improving — it’s a good time to start a business.

3.  Corporate America isn’t fulfilling the “need to show value” and to “change the world.” To attract and retain the best employees, companies should be more proactive and willing to invest in their workers’ future.   Many believe they have to create their own company to get that culture.

4.  Mentoring abounds.   I see IBM offering business and technology mentoring.  Virgin is focused on mentoring in the UK and the list goes on.   Mentoring provides confidence to get started!

5.  Support is pervasive.  Unlike in the past, support for start-ups exists in networking groups, meetups, and beyond.  For example, for women entrepreneurs, some groups are National Association of Women Business Owners, Women’s Toolbox, PBWC, WITI, and Women 2.0.

I love this time of Entrepreneur Energy and know 2014 will truly be the Year of the Entrepreneur!


Announcing our newest BlueMix Garage: The Israel ALPHAZONE!

July 9, 2014



Are you ready to accelerate your startup? Click here to access the IBM Alpha Zone: A Bluemix Garage!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ here!

Didn’t register for this semester? Click here to apply (Second semester registration starts October 2014).


SmartCamp Entrepreneur Winners in France, Italy, and Africa!

July 8, 2014

We have more exciting news coming from SmartCamps in Africa and Europe!

Last week, we had SmartCamps in Milan, Lille and Nairobi. And at each location, the local entrepreneurial ecosystem was engaged and participated!

Congratulations to Social Bullgard (Italy), Seclud-IT (France) and Digital Vision East Africa (Nairobi)!

Social Bullgard gathers and structures social media content to help companies react quickly to requests and opportunities, as well as avoid and manage crisis efficiently.


Seclud-IT’s solution, Elastic Security, brings to cloud infrastructure providers the ability to provide on-demand computing resources to their customers, without compromising with security.

Pic SecludIT

Digital Vision East Africa’s solution, Chamasoft, is a simple to use web and mobile application that automates all activities in an investment group. Their solution also promotes transparency and accountability within investment groups.


What an impressive list of startups! And all that just from last week! There are more to come, as our SmartCamps are happening around the world. Find out more about a SmartCamp near you!


Sheryl Root, Entrepreneur Goddess and Director at Carnegie Mellon Dishes on Innovation

July 7, 2014


Two great opportunities: Big Data and Analytics whitepaper and webcast

July 3, 2014

Here’s an opportunity to hear from IDC analysts in a webcast as they share insight from the whitepaper they authored, “The Big Opportunity for IBM Business Partners in Big Data and Analytics.”


And, just as a teaser, here’s a sneak preview about the IDC findings:

  • Projected revenue of over $32 billion by 2017
  • Focus on Line of Business Decision Makers for sales
  • Big Data and Analytics as a profitable “fast turn” business – potential of sales cycles lasting fewer than 90 days

The IDC whitepaper (requires IBM ID and password) includes the story of three IBM Business Partners (YaData, Aginity, and eCapital Advisors) as they approach the Big Data and Analytics market with their solutions.

This is such an important opportunity, that we’ve dedicated a webcast for this whitepaper. I can’t stress enough how important it is that you attend the webcast to learn more about the market opportunities with Big Data and Analytics.

I hope you’ll join me for the webcast. It will be an hour well spent!


2 Polls: Social Listening and Fav Summer Activity!

July 2, 2014

Today I have 2 questions for you!

First, a fun one.


Bluemix GAs – WOW! The PaaS Power!

July 1, 2014



A Tribute to 25 years of Women in Technology: Carolyn Leighton

June 30, 2014

WITI this year is celebrating 25 years of helping women in technology progress, grow, and network.

Here’s a snippet of the past and the future!


Our NYC SmartCamp winner is announced: Yosko!

June 27, 2014

IBM SmartCamp season has begun, and we’ve already had some great SmartCamp events in Austin, Chicago, and Prague!

Earlier this week, we held a SmartCamp event in New York with a focus on Watson-related solutions. The winner was Yosko!


With their mobile-based solutions, Yosko provides access to the electronic medical records, facilitates exchanges between physicians, and improves care team communication. Sounds like a great Watson for Healthcare solution!

As I said, SmartCamps are just getting started! Want to participate? Want to attend one? Check out our schedule of upcoming SmartCamps!


Design is a huge competitive advantage!

June 25, 2014

design camp


Social Busines Mythbusters! Happy Monday!

June 23, 2014

I love the Mythbuster Show — it is a great one to watch with your family and to challenge your thinking!

I hope you love this Social Business Coffee Break as much I did making it for you!


Lights, camera, enterprise to ACTION!

June 22, 2014

With video we can engage like never before. With lightning-fast networks and the ease of viewing on mobile devices, you can build trust across global organizations in revolutionary new ways.

In this week’s Coffee Break I’ll share best practices and stories from Invodo, Qumu and DilogR.

I’d love to hear your stories on the varied power of this medium!


For Developers – The Wimbledon Experience!

June 20, 2014

We are calling all Developers to get under the covers at Wimbledon 2014 and help take the experience to the next level.  


The Wimbledon website, with 19.7 million unique users last year, is being enhanced with more mobile functions where users are able to create a personalized feeds with news from their choice of players, countries and categories of match, from data updated up to 140,000 times a day.

A new addition this year is “Hill vs World” which will be polling the results questions asked of fans sitting on Henman Hill via the giant screen, and pitting them against those of the television and internet audience responding via social media.

An IBM Softlayer based analytics console known as Wimbledon Social Command Centre will allow the social media team to view engagement from users in real time and tailor content according to reaction. This could take the form of everything from a conversation about strawberries in the rain to which photo of Andy Murray is causing the most stir!!!

48 tennis analysts are stationed around the site to manually capture data from the courts and feed it into the IBM cloud, which then crunches it into the statistics and graphics for the TV coverage and the second screen Slamtracker service

IBM has uploaded years of analytics gathered from previous championships to its private cloud. The cloud server is scalable and will be ramped up during the fortnight to cope with demand. IBM’s Watson will be flexing its elastic data muscles to ensure that data supply and demand are always met, constantly analyzing information to ensure that pertinent data is at the front of the cloud’s ‘mind’

Now it is your turn!

And the innovation doesn’t stop there! – What would you do to make the Wimbledon experience even better?

Now it’s your chance to create a prototype app which uses, creates, consumes, or analyses data in and around The Championships to enhance the fans’ experience on-site. Your code will create, consume, or analyze data in and around The Championships (either previously generated or real-time) to enhance the fans’ experience on-site.

You can also contribute your own data if you like. Don’t have any? That’s okay. There’s some on the website to download

We will have prizes for the Best mobile app and Best Data Insights.

To take part, upload your app to BlueMix and send us a 2-4 minute video demonstrating your solution’s use of IBM technology and include a 500 word max abstract.

We are starting this to run from October 24 – November 6.

The best apps will be invited to pitch in front of a live audience at IBM BusinessConnect from which we will pick our category winners, and the overall winner

  • Prizes – Two show court tickets for The Wimbledon Championship 2015 and the opportunity to work with IBM Interactive Experience team in the UK, to explore how your solution might be incorporated into the official Wimbledon mobile app for the 2015 Championships.



Social vs Risk-averse Enterprises: Is it possible to be both

June 19, 2014

I had a webcast today https://www.brighttalk.com/r/jsw with Kailash Ambwani, CEO of Actiance, to talk about how to become a social enterprise. You don’t want to miss this! If you are considering how to become a social business, and you are concerned about exposure, then this webcast is for you!

You may wonder is it possible to be a social enterprise and risk-averse? That’s the fundamental question Kailash and I will address today. I know that if you’ll listen in, you’ll see how we get to a resounding “Yes!” to that question.

I’ll also give my insights on the value of being a social enterprise, the range of benefits that are available to all organizations, and show you examples of where you can see success.

Kailash will speak to key corporate responsibilities and how organizations can keep confidential information confidential. He’ll also give us some core examples of organizations highlighting strong leadership and integration of social into business processes.

We’ll also answer the often asked question: “how do we get started?” Don’t miss out on this chance to get the inside scoop on how to become a social enterprise!

To attend the webcast, simply register at https://www.brighttalk.com/r/jsw

Date and Time: June 19 at 1pm PT / 4pm EST. Replay will be available!



CNBC Top 50 Disruptors – Of the Top 20, 25% are Social

June 18, 2014

top diruptorsI love disruptors.   I love innovation and creative thinking.

So the CNBC Top 50 Disruptors was interesting.   (read the full story here  http://www.cnbc.com/id/100637276

I found it interested that ALL these companies are either based on Cloud, Social, Mobile, or Analytics.   All are based CAMS!

And of the Top 20, 25% are Social Business oriented.

Whose your favorite?  And what’s your biggest AHA on the list?



B2B is Social! Infographic

June 14, 2014

b2b social


90% Of Companies don’t have an Innovation Culture

June 13, 2014

I was just out in Silicon Valley on a panel on intrapreneurship. As prep, I read that over the last 50 years the average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has dropped from 61 years to 18 years (and is forecast to grow even shorter in the future).

Most of the articles said the failures were due to companies not keeping their innovative cultures.  In fact, Brandon Kelly, stated that 90% of organizations have no sustained commitment to innovation.

A great counter example to this is Telsa who today is opening its patents up to the industry to accelerate electric vehicle development. Innovation accelerates forward.

What is Innovation?   The classic definitions of innovation include:

So how can we embed innovation into a company’s culture?

Innovation is strongly correlated with value creation and is a key factor in financial outperformance. However, only 25% of organizations are good at generating and converting innovations.  These companies align innovation goals with business strategy.

Their efforts support the appropriate mix of product, operational and business model innovation that enables them to effectively grow and compete. And, their innovation activities are managed in a transparent program.

Organizations that strategize and manage innovation in a collaborative, open and continuous manner create a source of competitive advantage and economic benefit. Collaboration includes seamlessly engaging all employees in the innovation process and securely including external business partners and customers.

The top ten most innovative companies had two-year compound annual growth rates of 60 percent more than the overall Standard and Poors Global 1200.  For these companies, innovation is much more than a “big idea.”

Innovation is an ongoing process of creating value from something new, such as new ideas, new technologies, new products or new processes. For example, 75 percent of successful companies rely on social networks to vet new ideas for success.

They use them for:

  • Openly communicating strategy
  • Openly generating and prioritizing non-traditional ideas for new products and services 
  • Innovating operations by teaming with external specialists & business partner
  • Innovating business models by combining emerging technologies with biz imperatives to redefine value

Future innovation will be conducted in more open environments and CEOs interviewed for the IBM Global CEO study supported this point.  The Innovation Social Business Pattern is designed to increase innovation by providing a wider reach of ideas and to help organizations increase the success and speed of bringing innovation to market.

Primary business processes

The primary business processes for this pattern include research and development, product and service management, business strategy and operations transformation.

Key stakeholders

The key stakeholders are research and development, product development, line of business executives, CMOs, CIOs and CTOs.

Recommended actions

Some specific actions are:

  • Deploy collaboration tools for more open communication and to guide innovation toward delivering the type of value desired, such as product versus business model
  • Engage the crowd both internal and external to vet new ideas.


  • Deploy a portal that combines content, social and advanced mobile features to provide an exceptional digital experience for customers, partners, and employees while managing access by role.
  • Deploy social gamification and social influence reward techniques

How does your company drive Innovation?





Austin SmartCamp – Start Up Winners Announced – BeehiveID & eyeQ

June 12, 2014

Two winners for SmartCamp Austin 2014 were selected yesterday: a nearly unanimous popular vote from the public audience for BeehiveID and a clear Mentors choice for eyeQ Insights.

Event Highlights:

  • Ground breaking new relationship through partnering with TechRanch.
  • Standing room only with 120+ attendees
  • Two winners selected: a nearly unanimous popular vote from the public audience for BeehiveID and a clear Mentors choice for eyeQ Insights.

The EcoD Designcamp Team joined for the grand finale !!!




Aspera Live on Softlayer in 7 Hours!

June 11, 2014



Design Camp with our IBM Partners Helping them with CAMS!

June 10, 2014



Digital relationships: make them personal to drive conversions says Patrick Salyer, Gigya!

June 9, 2014

With over 2bn people with a social account, partnering with social networks can help you understand a lot about your customers says Patrick Salyer, CEO, Gigya. His solution interacts with platforms like Facebook Connect to tell you who your customers are, what they like, their behaviors.

For instance, joint IBM/Gigya customer 24 Hour Fitness uses Gigya to understand more about the interests of their customer base and know who is most influential!

Learn more about building digital relationships with Gigya


DDay – In Honor of my Uncle John

June 6, 2014

One of my fondest memories was coming up to Boston to visit all of my relatives (yes I had 8 aunts and uncles!) in the summer.   Even as a kid I loved the food (my Aunt Marie would have 5 courses minimum) and the stories.   Yes, the stories.

Uncle Johnny will forever be a part of our lives through those stories. I know he will forever be a part of my life.

Especially on D-Day.

What do I remember most when I think of Uncle Johnny?

First, I remember Johnny as a man of freedom.   He didn’t talk much about the war but I know that it did impact his entire life. He was drafted at age 18 into the Army during WW II and served in the Infantry. On D-Day, June 6, 1944, he was bound for the coast of France in an LCI, Landing Craft Infantry, and was one of the last troops to descend into the waters at the beach at Normandy when he was struck by an enemy bullet in the left arm which caused him to fall backward into the LCI.  He received the Purple Heart Medal for his battle incurred injury and returned to Cambridge and Family. He lived the Purple Heart  and Medal of Bravery everyday even though we didn’t find the medals and the stories until after he died.   I thank Uncle Johnny for our freedom today.

Second, I remember a man of Faith. Yes, of course with his passion for the Patriots and Red Sox, having faith was required!   But I do remember his faith is His God. Uncle Johnny was part of the knights of Lithuania.  Uncle Johnny believed in His God but acted with God’s characteristics.   He used to give us kids change to go down to the corner store to buy candy, and even reward us with Silver Dollars. He showed us his faith.

Third, I remember Uncle Johnny as a man of Family.   My mom tells a story where Uncle Johnny brought home chocolates from his work for the family.   (Of course, mom always took the orange inside!) Auntie Helen always told me he was a great Big brother – throughout his life. He worked to support the family while Auntie Anna took care of their mother. And did you know that he took me to lunch almost weekly while I was at Harvard and he walked to meet me?   He and Anna had me over for every holiday that I couldn’t go home. He was my family in Boston.   He never forgot a birthday or Christmas.  And he always wrote us postcards from his trips – even if he did memorize the inscription!   And when my kids came, he loved them too. Because they were family.

There is a saying that goes “tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” Uncle Johnny will live in my heart forever. He will live in my kids hearts forever. And I know he will live in your hearts forever. Uncle Johnny was a person of character, humble and respectful of each person’s dignity. He was never boastful nor do I recall him bragging of anything, including his purple heart and medal for bravery. He was a Man of Faith, Family and Freedom.


InXero: helping micro-businesses engage customers through social and mobile!

June 5, 2014

I am in Poughkeepsie today chatting with clients and our great IBMers here!  The big focus of course is on CAMS — Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social!

This example highlights the value of CAMS!

75% of world trade happens through resellers says Anand Raj, CEO, InXero. Many of these are small businesses who are not necessarily good marketers. InXero gives them the tools they need to get the right content and meet the customer where they are! For instance, developing a showcase for businesses on LinkedIn can be much more impactful than the printed brochures of old.

See the InXero platform in action!


And the winner of the IBM Innovate Linux on Power App Throwdown is… SparkCognition!

June 3, 2014

Big congrats to the SparkCognition team on winning the Linux on Power App Throwdown with their cognitive security insights solution!

More on SparkCognition


OUT with the old hierarchy, IN with social! Qumu and Safeway!

June 2, 2014

For our Coffee Break this week we will explore the vast impact social is having on the structure of companies and how you can prepare your organization for collaboration.

Look to see how Qumu is revolutionizing internal communication.  I am here in California and Safeway’s are everywhere!

Take a peek at what they are doing!

As always, let me know your feedback!


IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge: Top 5 Finalists display powerful cognitive computing capabilities

May 30, 2014

First there were 25, and now there are just 5. Congratulations to the following teams on becoming the Top 5 finalists of the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge!

•BrightMinded @BrightMindedLtd
•CrayonData @CrayonBigData
•GenieMD, Inc. @GenieMD
•Majestyk Apps @MajestykApps
•Red Ant @Red_Ant

Selected from hundreds of submissions, these finalists stood out for their ability to tap into the powerful cognitive computing capabilities of Watson to build innovative mobile consumer and business apps that span health & fitness, healthcare, retail, and education.

On Monday, June 2nd, at IBM Innovate in Orlando the Top 5 finalists will present their ideas to judges in a live-streamed event that begins at 5:30 pm ET. If you can’t attend IBM Innovate, our live-stream feed is a great opportunity for you to watch the action! Then, on Tuesday, June 3rd, three of the finalists will be named the Grand Prize winners!

To learn more about our Top 5 finalists, go to the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge website


Come to WITI! Our 25th Anniversary!

May 29, 2014

So, why am I so excited to be attending the WITI conference in a matter of days?

Check out this video to find out!

Hopefully see you at WITI in Santa Clara, CA!


Congrats to our Innovate App Throwdown Finalists!

May 28, 2014



What I know about you! How digital marketing drives personalization

May 26, 2014

We are seeing a huge change in digital marketing driven by CAMS (cloud, analytics, mobile, social)! In this coffee break I talk to experts from @Gigya, @OgilvyOne and the irrepressible @JayBaer about the latest trends.


Tesla Dishes on Social!

May 22, 2014

At the last TieCon event in San Fran, some got to go on a Tesla tour!  What a great set of learnings but of course, loving social, I took away the following on Tesla, featured in an article in Fast Company, Musk lists 4 lessons we can all benefit from:

1. Own your executive brand – If you don’t somebody else will

2. Humanize your brand

3. Don’t show up and then fall silent

4. Use Twitter as a leadership tool


TiEcon: 4K startups, Watson, BlueMix, IoT and more!

May 21, 2014

I really had a great time at TiEcon this past week. What an event! From my Internet of Things keynote to the Watson presence and BlueMix workshop, the largest entrepreneur conference in the world was packed with a phenomenal array of business and thought leaders from across the planet!

More on TiEcon


Alan Godfrey, Bazaarvoice: making the social firehose useful!

May 20, 2014

As Alan Godfrey, North American Retail, Bazaarvoice points out, digital engagement with the consumer is everything, whether it be via social, mobile or other channels.

Bazaarvoice, a word-of-mouth content company, helps brands understand who is buying what and why. Their ratings and reviews platform helps retailers in many ways, including the placement of products in stores!

Learn more about building customer engagement with Bazaarvoice!


UK rocks the Developer Scene with @monkchips and Bluemix!

May 20, 2014

DEVELOPERS 6583 SVH post event infographic-page-001


Everything you need to know, you learned in kindergarten!

May 19, 2014

What is the most important lesson of all? That SHARING is what counts! Watch this Coffee Break video to learn why in business it’s no longer what you know: it’s what you share.


Entrepreneur Huddle! Join us on May 22

May 15, 2014

Back in February during our big Entrepreneur Week, we hosted our first-ever Entrepreneur Huddle webcast! And now I’m so excited to invite you to our second Entrepreneur Huddle happening next week, presented by our IBM Global Entrepreneur program. This is a webcast for startups, tech enthusiasts, current IBM Global Entrepreneur members, and any other person involved or interested in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. Coming on the heels of IBM’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit taking place this week, this Entrepreneur Huddle will focus on themes in the commerce space, including the CMO point of view, creating a rewarding customer experience, and making moments matter using the right technology. So tune in to learn from commerce experts and a current IBM Global Entrepreneur startup who is using technology to shake up the fulfillment and supply chain model.

Huddle_promo image_hashtag

During the webcast, please chime in with questions and comments on Twitter using hashtag #IBMGEHuddle! And if you can’t make the scheduled webcast time, don’t worry. There will be a replay available for you to watch on-demand, and possibly another live broadcast option!

Can’t wait to virtually see you there!

Event: Entrepreneur Huddle

Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014

Time: 11AM EDT

Registration URL: ibm.biz/ehuddle


Michael Sherman from UT Austin: people underestimate the power of Watson!

May 14, 2014

Michael Sherman is a student at the McCombs School of Business, UT Austin and winner of the recent Watson case competition on campus. He suggested a solution for Watson, the cognitive computer, that can navigate the vast amounts of accounting regulation: more than any human can process!

Learn more about Watson from our IBM SVP Mike Rhodin at TieCon this Friday in Santa Clara.


Upcoming Cloud Webcasts!

May 13, 2014

I want you to be aware of some great opportunities on Codename: BlueMix and SoftLayer coming up in a matter of days. There are two webcasts you can attend to learn about our new and exciting cloud-based solutions!

BlueMix is fantastic for building, managing and running apps and services of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices). The May 15th webcast will benefit developers and Business Partners alike on hearing how BlueMix offers a low-risk, secure, cost sensitive environment—using new capabilities and technologies geared towards the cloud.

Here’s a brand new video to help you get up to speed on the power and potential of what BlueMix has done for others and what it can do for you!

SoftLayer provides a robust, scalable and secure platform for born-on-the-cloud applications. The May 22nd webcast will provide an introduction to SoftLayer and cover the business strategy for Business Partners, the value proposition, and the subscription model.

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to sign up for both webcasts. You don’t want to miss them!


The Internet of Things Featured at TieCon this week in San Fran!

May 12, 2014

Happy Monday and welcome to our Coffee Break!

Today we are going to explore the Internet of Things which promises to far surpass the disruption we’ve already seen with the smartphone. You can expect to see vast amounts of data generated opening up whole new industries, like that around the Connected Car:

I’m looking forward to explore these theme further this week during my TiEcon keynote!


Adena DeMonte, Badgeville on gamification and the psychology of motivation!

May 8, 2014

As Adena DeMonte, Director, Corporate Marketing, Badgeville, points out in this conversation gamification really can be applied across the enterprise in order to motivate certain behaviors. This involves psychology in the planning of motivation techniques for different roles, and analytics to measure the behavioral outcomes.

Learn more about Badgeville gamification solutions


Digital tip of the week – LinkedIn netiquette: how to “behave” in LinkedIn Groups

May 7, 2014

LinkedIn Groups have become a good source of business information but could easily derive to an incorrect behavior (eg. Use posts for commercial advertising), which can be considered bad netiquette in this network. The LinkedIn Groups normally have their own rules, but there are some general tips to be a good “neighbor” on this social network:

Align the content of your post with the group mission and policies and try to add some value (check with the group manager if you are not sure your post is appropiate)

Try not to create more than one or two discussions per week (if you need more, maybe you should consider creating your own group)

If the group does not have policies, read the atmosphere and see what other people post or the content that seems to get a lot of people’s coments.



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