Speedgeeking! 5 Demos To Keep Your Career Heading UP @ Interconnect

January 29, 2015

Yes, I am a self proclaimed Girl Geek.  In fact, Geek Girls are very chic!

So for my top 5 Picks at IBM’s Interconnect Conference in Las Vegas on Feb 22-26 — here you will find my top choices!  And Yes, I want to go to all of them!  How about you!?

You can register here:   http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/us/en/interconnect/devat/

Top 5 Speedgeeking Demos

  • Startup in 15 Minutes Using Bluemix – Disrupt or be disrupted is the mantra of IT today. Watch this demonstration where we take an idea and turn it in to a prototype for a real business and take it to a pilot stage. We will use a variety of services on Bluemix including Cloudant, dashDB, Twillio, Analytics for Hadoop and Node-Red.
  • Real-time Sentiment Analysis of Twitter during Brazil World Cup soccer gamesFAMA was implemented for real-time sentiment analysis of streaming Twitter data during all matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This engine included the sentiment about each player, the coach and the teams. We have implemented a Machine Learning-based classifier to identify the polarity of each tweet during the games in real-time using IBM InfoSphere Streams over Softlayer cloud infrastructure. The system provided a report of the most frequent topics, terms and their co-occurrences and the corresponding volume of messages classified with positive, negative or neutral polarity. These results were made available to a major nation-wide television network mobile app and at a ESPN hotsite.
  • From Nothing to a Running App in the Cloud with IBM Bluemix DevOps Services – You want to develop something quickly but you don’t have days or weeks to set up an environments? No worries, Bluemix DevOps Services is here to help you be more productive. Come to this hands-on demo to see how to create a new app (Node.js), manage source code (Git),  or configure automated builds and deployments (continuous delivery) in the cloud.  The demo will also introduce DevOps Services capabilities to manage agile product development (Product Backlog, Sprint planning).   When cloud computing is so easy with Bluemix DevOps Services, you can focus on what really matters: Develop your next brilliant idea.
  • Building a Living Heart – (Just in time for Valentine’s Day!!)  – Dassault Systemes, an IBM Business Partner and Silver+ sponsor, is building a heart simulator by working with experts in medicine, device manufacturing, academia and regulatory agencies.  This is a short demo of the The Living Heart Project announced by the FDA and Dassault Systemes for a Living Heart collaborative research project with crowdsourcing and ability to project IP and share outcomes.
  • Let’s Build a Start-up In 30 Minutes Using Bluemix and IoT – In this workshop we will show you how to quickly develop a new line of business using the IoT technology provided by Kiwi Wearables and the IBM Bluemix platform.    As telco executive is trying to target the under-served market of senior citizens. They don’t carry smartphones so they sign very inexpensive contracts that barely generates any profit. The new business idea is to create a plan where they receive a smartphone with the Kiwi app pre-configured, a data plan and an automatic fall detection service.    The attendees will build the fall detection service that will be running on IBM Bluemix and will use the services provided by the platform to store and analyze data and automatically notify a caregiver of the fall.

Interconnect — The Scoop for Developers, Entrepreneurs and App Builders!

January 28, 2015



5 Workshops You Need to Attend at Dev@Interconnect

January 27, 2015


I hope you are going to join me at Interconnect and will attend Dev@interconnect in Las Vegas Feb 22-26!

Register here:   http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/us/en/interconnect/devat/

Some of my favorite topics at the event!   What else would you like to see!

  1. Think Like a Hacker! Exploiting Mobile Apps and How to Mitigate these Risks
  2. Let’s Build a Start-up In 30 Minutes Using Bluemix and IoT
  3. Eliminate Dogwork with Leaner and Smarter Methods
  4. Not another pitch workshop
  5. Continuous mobile app quality – Listen to that feedback!

I hope you will join me there!



SuperBowl! What Entrepreneurs can learn from Football!

January 26, 2015

Chef Watson Releases Her Cookbook!!!!

January 25, 2015

Yes,  our own Chef Watson will release her cookbook “Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson” in the US on April 14!

I had the pleasure of meeting our chef down at SXSW in her food truck last year where she created a chocolate bacon burrito that I first cringed at and then loved!!!    Since Chef Watson partnered with the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), the recipes are creative and delicious.

sxsw watson

The recipes from the cookbook are generated from the cognitive computer. This machine learning showcases the computer’s creativity, and its ability to “understand” flavor profiles and ingredient pairings.  It drives the chefs to think outside the “norm”.   The book promises to introduce us to new food and flavor pairings conceived by Watson.

I will be ordering the book of over 65 Watson generated recipes.  How about you?



Girls Who Code Partnering with IBM! Summertime fun in 2015!

January 21, 2015

I’m so excited to announce that IBM is sponsoring Girls Who Code, a national non-profit dedicated to empowering teenage girls with computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities!

GWC collage
I love it! Being a mother of two girls, I know how important it is to nurture girls to embrace STEM-type skills, like coding! And, even better, the girls love it!

This Summer, IBM and Girls Who Code will host a group of 20 young women each day for 7 weeks as they learn everything from mobile app development to robotics to web design and ultimately get a chance to build the app they want to see made available.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 Summer Immersion Program. Current 10th and 11th grade girls with a passion for tech are encouraged to apply. The program is free for participants and no prior experience is necessary.

This is sure to be a life-changing experience! We hope you will spread the word about this fabulous opportunity and encourage the 10th and 11th grade young women in your life to apply today at http://www.girlswhocode.com/applynow.

Here are some tweets you can use to help spread the word! And be sure to follow them on Twitter @GirlsWhoCode!

Awesome org @GirlsWhoCode is accepting applications for summer 2015! High School girlswho love tech can apply at girlswhocode.com/applynow

Learn to code, change the world! High School girls can apply now for @GirlsWhoCode Summer

  • Immersion Program at girlswhocode.com/applynow
  • Join the movement! @GirlsWhoCode is recruiting teen girls for the unforgettable Summer
  • Immersion Program. Apply at girlswhocode.com/applynow

Get enterprise-level analytics on a startup-level budget: IBM Analytics Starter Program

January 20, 2015

You know one of the biggest obstacles as a startup is having the revenue to buy or get access to software that could enhance your solutions. It gets even tougher when your clients are clamoring for analytics solutions to address their business challenges. You’ve got to get the solutions they need and fast!

We have the solution!
That’s why we’ve created the IBM Analytics Starter Program for startup ISVs! It can help you break through barriers and integrate proven, enterprise-strength software in the solutions you deliver to your clients!

Start-ups don’t have additional funds to invest in software. The IBM Analytics Starter Program takes away that barrier to entry! We offer software for no charge and no royalties for 18 months.

Who qualifies for the program?
If you are a member of IBM Global Entrepreneur, you’re already most of the way there! In addition, you must meet these two criteria:
•Company must integrate IBM software into their application
•Company’s application charge is less than $150,000 USD for one on-premise license

Great, where do I sign up?
To apply and learn more about the IBM Analytics Starter Program, visit our website or reach out to starter@us.ibm.com. You can also contact your assigned Global Entrepreneur Relationship Manager. The program will be offered to qualified Business Partners in the US on 20 Jan 2015 and available worldwide in mid-February.

We look forward to helping you deliver better value to your clients with the power of business analytics!

Not a member of the IBM Global Entrepreneur? Now is a great time to become a member!

Helpful links:


Do you have a Young Spirit? Try it on Social Networks!

January 20, 2015

I heard many people say that they are “too old” for social.   I don’t buy this at all.   Social has nothing to do with age….. but a young spirit.    We all need to keep a youthful attitude instead of not changing or adapting.  This works in life as well as with Social Networks!

Social networking is not just used by the young and the restless. Which age groups are using social media?

Did you know that: 

  1. 72% of all internet users are now active on social media
  2. 18-29 year olds have an 89% usage
  3. The 30-49 bracket sits at 72%
  4. 60 percent of 50 to 60 year olds are active on social media
  5. In the 65 plus bracket, 43% are using social media

(You can see more stats at:  http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/01/17/20-social-media-facts-and-statistics-you-should-know-in-2014/#V5IbWy4JKG1D2bpu.9)

Also per Pew Research:

stats age

Some tips!

1.  Learn some tools like Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your “crowd” leverages.   Do this in person at social classes that are offered for free (our library did free classes this weekend!) or online.   You can do it!

2.  Set goals.    That means we need to chase our dreams and work toward our goals.   It could be personal like keeping in touch with friends or grandkids.   Or it could be work related.   When you wake up with something to accomplish, and you don’t settle for watching the world go by, you keep that spirit young and fresh!

3.  Keep laughing!   If you ever watch a child, they laugh and have fun.  You may not get it right away but don’t get down on yourself.   Keep moving — have a laugh and collect the stories.

We know that digital natives love technology and social networks but the fastest growing group on social today are those digital immigrants.   Immigrants always take risks and drive forward!

Start today!



BlueMix is a Developer’s Dream!

January 19, 2015

My Instagram Series on Trends! Internet of Things

January 17, 2015

One of Top 10 Trends for #socbiz ! The Internet of Things! #IOT

A video posted by Sandy Carter (@ibm_sandy) on


It’s not always about you!

January 15, 2015

How many brands discuss nothing but themselves in social networks?   About 62%.   Too many brands do nothing but talk about themselves.   But the millennials and Gen Z want to be part of the “sharing” culture!   They want this “relationship” to be a win – win.

Look for opportunities to comment on your clients comments and POV.   Set up ways you can have them participate.   I love what Taylor Swift does in her Social Media empire.  She fills up up Tweets with undiscovered artists singing her songs, fan collages, and wedding videos using her songs. This past Christmas she did #SwiftMas and sent out gifts to those fans out there engaging and documented their openings of the presents on video.    TD Bank did a ATM – Automated Thanking Machine – to say thank you to their clients documenting their responses.
What will you do to recognize and talk about your clients and their interests?


The Best Ideas: Entrepreneur creates WishPop

January 14, 2015

Yesterday, I had a wonderful meeting with Rob Ross who is a natural techy, developer, and entrepreneur.

His creation — an app for the iPad inspired by his daughter.     WishPop allows kids to create wish lists and thank yous to help their “grown ups” know what to buy them!


And Rob did all the right things:

1.  First, he got a first class team.  While the team was only 8 people, he had experience from Nickelodean, Disney, National Geographic Kids, Game Designers from Ramps, and Acclaim Entertainment.   This drove an incredible design.

2.  Second, he knew his “client’s” pain points.    His own daughter served as a chief requirement giver and her 15 BFFs gave constant and consistent feedback.

3. And finally, he learned and pivoted.    He noted that the technical platform that he chose to build on didn’t allow flexibility.   He has since switched over to a developer platform Xamarin.

I love this app and the story!




Every Social Network Is Different !

January 13, 2015

Dogs are different than cats, and therefore we treat them different.   We walk a dog on a leash and leverage catnip for kittens!

The same is true of social networks. The audience of Twitter is different than that of Google Plus.   They are different and those that win, treat them differently!

While people know this, we still see content cross promoted on brand’s social networks.   Your team should be leveraging the differences and be creative to craft the story differently for the different social networks.

One of my favorite brands finds new and unique ways to engage with their fans. They strategically use social to report sentimental stories about how fans’ lives intertwine with the product, thereby growing their social engagement.

What are you doing in your brand?


Education-as-a-Service: Digital disruption in the classroom

January 12, 2015


Tip of the Week: Word Clouds – A great way to see your focus

January 10, 2015

When I produce a document or content, I will dump the document into a word cloud tool like Wordle.

Review and see what words are really standing out.   Are those the words you want to stand out?   Do you know what you want to emphasize?   Make sure those words and phrases are sprinkled throughout your document!

Have fun developing content that matters!



What is Growth Hacking? Hint: Content is queen!

January 9, 2015

Everyone is talking about growth hacking … but what is it?

Well here are some facts!

  • It was created by start ups and entrepreneurs as a way to do “marketing” but I really consider it an intersection of product, marketing, and data.
  • It is typically low cost alternative to costly ways to get attention
  • It is part of an online marketing ecosystem!!!
  • Growth Hacking runs on the engine of “content”
  • Skills needed are techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing which are already mainstream.

Some examples include:

An early example of “growth hacking” was Hotmail‘s inclusion of “PS I Love You” with a link for others to get the free online mail service. Another example was the offer of more storage by Dropbox to users who referred their friends  (these were featured as well in Wikipedia)

One way to learn Growth Hacking, is to do Growth Hacking!

Maybe start simply with a blog!  Why a blog?   Well, a lot of growth hacking is about content marketing —  But don’t let the word “blog” throw you off. “The better you become at creating content, promoting content and sustaining an output of content, the better you’ll be at growth hacking.  Start simply on this one!  ”  Entrepreneur Magazine

To be continued!!!


Having a Point of View (POV) is essential but No More Buzz Words!

January 8, 2015

I believe in having a Point of View.   It is a competitive advantage and a bold move — what if your client doesn’t agree with your point of view.   As an article I read said,   many astute, compelling experts decline to speak with authority due to the fear that someone won’t agree!

I think having and stating your POV is essential!

My one beef are those filled with Buzz Words.   Before you hit “Send,” purge your article of all “buzzy” terms. (Click here for a list I found today — thanks for the tips!!! )


The Biggest Impact: Gen Z, Gen D or Gen Y?

January 6, 2015

I did a lot of reading over the holidays and was exploring all the new “generations” upon us.

I was fascinated by the studies on my daughters era — the Gen Z!

Gen Z:

These are the kids born after the Gen Ys — the Millenials.  They have never known a world without the Internet, mobile devices or ‘I’ everything!   For their entire life, they have had instant access to mountains of data on any topic that flutters through their imaginations.  They crave constant and immediate feedback.   But they have also grown up hearing about global warming, 9-11, and have been subjected to terror alerts of varying colors and watched their parents weather the recent economic crisis.

Gen Z is going to have little interest in sitting behind a desk for 40 hours a week .   They demand to freelance, and want to swoop in with their particular expertise (they’ll all be an expert in something) but then move on.

Gen Z has more of an entrepreneurial spirit
17% of Gen Z vs. 11% of Gen Y wants to start a business and hire others.

For Gen Z, it’s not about the money … yet
Only 28% of Gen Z said money would motivate them to work harder and stay with their employer longer, as opposed to 42% of Gen Y.

Gen Z prefers face-to-face communication over technology
Gen Z grew up with technology, yet 53% percent prefer in-person communication over tools like instant messaging and video conferencing.

According to Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding and Author of Promote Yourself, the study reveals other attributes that distinguish Gen Z and Gen Y employees. “Gen Z has a clear advantage over Gen Y because they appear to be more realistic instead of optimistic, are likely to be more career-minded,  and can quickly adapt to new technology to work more effectively,” Schawbel said. “Additionally, since Gen Z has seen how much Gen Y has struggled in the recession, they come to the workplace better prepared, less entitled and more equipped to succeed.”

Do you agree?

And then there is the impact on the Enterprise.   I loved this thought on Gen D enterprises!

Gen D:

A new class of enterprise is emerging with a fresh approach to improving business. Generation D, is made up of data-rich, analytically driven enterprises. They understand the unique and powerful value of data and analytics, analytics, and they know how to combine that with cloud, social and mobile technologies to transform
their enterprises.



Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social were in ALL the 2015 trends – but what are they really?

January 5, 2015

Very actionable for Social Business and Marketing! An Infographic!

January 4, 2015

2014-11-10 Benchmarks Infographic


The Smartest Person in the Room is THE Room. Crowdsourcing 20 Trends for Social Business!

December 31, 2014

I love the saying “The smartest person in the room, is THE room!”   And so this New Year’s I decided to crowdsource the top 20 Predictions for 2015.

See if these help you to make your New Year’s Resolution for you and your business.  And from me to you, have a super New Year!!!


30 Words on Dec 30th To Articulate Social!

December 30, 2014

I was playing around with thoughts of Social .. and since it is December 30th .. I decided to try for 30 words.  I’d love for you to add to and delete from the list below!  (Notice that most of the words start with a C…interesting!

Ready, set, go!!!

  1. Relationships
  2. Content
  3. ROI
  4. Visual
  5. Mobile
  6. Analytics
  7. Engagement
  8. Advocacy
  9. Community
  10. Crowdsourcing
  11. Friend/Fan
  12. Reach
  13. Governance
  14. Reach
  15. Authenticity
  16. Connections
  17. Influence
  18. Sentiment
  19. Infographic
  20. Citizen journalism
  21. Internet of things
  22. Scaled intimacy
  23. Leadership
  24. Branding
  25. Voice
  26. Learn through monitoring
  27. Data
  28. Collaborate
  29. Conversation
  30. Fun!

My Top 10 Social Trends for 2015

December 29, 2014


Santa’s Little Helper! Internet of Things!

December 22, 2014

My take on Santa with help from the Internet of Things!



#1 Question About Entrepreneurship

December 21, 2014

number 1 question about entrepreneurship


MSL Study Reveals that Millennials partner with Business not Govt for Social Good!

December 20, 2014

Millennials are those born between 1980 and 2000.  (See my blog at http://socialbusinesssandy.com/2014/12/18/infographic-the-millennial-experience-why-it-is-important/  for a view of their characteristics which are very positive!)

Today I was flying back from California and read a report by MSL featured in Fortune.  It found that Millennials are partnering with business for Social change, not government.

Some facts:

  • 83% of millennials want business to do more to help the future
  • 78% recommend companies base on the good they do
  • 69% of employees want their companies to make it easier for them to get involved

Let’s join the Millennials in spirit and action!!!  I know I am!



Infographic The Millennial Experience! Why it is important!

December 18, 2014





The Millennial Experience

IBM Cloud


3 Core Social Business Learnings and Aha moments!

December 17, 2014

Last night I was at a holiday party, and my colleague asked me “what are you going to blog on tomorrow?”  So I told him I didn’t know but as the night went on, and he asked me questions, he received a lot of value from a few simple learnings so I thought I’d share with you and hope I deliver value to you as well!

1.   #IWillRideWithYou    The tragedy that occurred in Sydney Australia broke my heart.  But one thing that came out was a powerful and positive use of social media.   After the tragedy, there were some women from certain faiths that were fearful about the repercussions to them.  So a group started the hashtag that assured that “I will ride with you!” to support them.  This use of social was a reinforcement that social is a positive force!

2.  Social Selling.   I was struck this week by 2 phrases that I heard from major Fortune 100 companies and start-ups.   The first was that ABC is now not Always Be Selling but now it is Always be connecting.   The second was your Networth is your Network.  Powerful Tidbits!

3.  Images are currency.  Images have surpassed text as the currency of choice in social conversations.   This week alone in numerous conversations I heard about how companies are using emojis, emoticons, and stickers as integral parts of their social media conversations.  Have you heard of the Unicode Consortium ?   I just learned about them and found over 200 new symbols.  And from my techy meetings, I learned that  emojis are “code”, not images, so metrics can be driven through textual tools.

What were your AHAs this week?  Please share!


Kids Code!: The smell of pizza and the sounds of coding in Austin Texas!

December 16, 2014


Early education is so important! That’s why I blogged recently about teaching binary code to toddlers (see my video blog post at http://socialbusinesssandy.com/2014/12/08/video-blog-teaching-binary-to-toddlers-is-it-important-for-all-to-code/). And I believe we should be encouraging kids of all ages to learn how to code and create software that serves a purpose.

What we learned recently is that if you combine pizza with Bluemix, what you get is a room full of students who are ready to create and deploy mobile apps!

At the IBM Innovation Center in Austin, we had 24 middle school and high school students, plus their parents, attend a Kids Code! event. The room was filled with eager students excited about creating their own web-based mobile apps! As they worked on their projects, hands would eagerly go up whenever the students had a question. Everyone was working patiently and diligently! And their parents were engaged, too, as they assisted and worked closely with their students to finish the coding task.


Every now and then, you could hear sounds of delight as students one by one were deploying their first mobile app! It was such a great learning atmosphere!

One of the more fascinating things was the tools each student would use to code with Bluemix. Some were using laptops, some using tablets, while others were using smartphones! I think that is so wonderful because these are the tools of today!

IBM will host more events like this around the globe. However, if you are interested in getting your student involved in coding now, there are great resources online to help you get started. Coderdojo, Code.org and Hour of Code are all great resources you can use to expose your student to the fun and creativity of coding! It might start a lifetime of software creation!

Helpful links:
Coderdojo -> https://coderdojo.com/
Code.org -> http://code.org/
Hour of Code -> http://hourofcode.com/us


Vblog: If there was only one (well 3!) thing to know about LinkedIn ….

December 15, 2014


IBM Cloud Cool Announcements for the Ecosystem – including Docker ..

December 11, 2014

IBM Cloud IG


Internet of Things: Inventors and Operators

December 10, 2014

IoT operators and makers

As a continuation of the Internal of Things discussion yesterday, our second key idea I’d like to discuss is that there are two basic groups of IoT use cases. One is centered around enterprises and entrepreneurs looking to invent new IoT products or services, and the other focused on those looking to optimize their operations. And the truth is that many of our clients, the businesses who stand to gain or lose the most based on their IoT strategy, represent both roles. They are inventors, and they are operators as well.

Let’s say you’re looking to invent new IoT offerings. You must invent and innovate and improve products with interconnections in mind. Think about the type of data those products are generating or are capable of generating.

What new connections are you making, and how will you capitalize on those connections? How will you use the data? What insights are you able to uncover, and how will you leverage them to do what you do better? What new capabilities will the data enable?

There’s a new app, one of the winners of our SportsHack Challenge this year at Impact, that is capable of mapping crime data to create safe run routes, allowing runners to determine where the safest nearby areas are to run, anywhere in the world. Clever stuff.

And to be clear, all innovations or inventions are not focused on an app or product or service itself. Some of the better, more significant innovations over the last few years are focused on evolving or transforming the way people interact with those things. Or on how products and services interact with other devices or organizations.

An example is how Yarra Trams is using IBM big data, mobile, analytics and cloud technology to improve service reliability and get passengers where they need to be, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Or maybe you are focused on optimizing your operations, bringing things together to create new value. Doesn’t matter if it’s a global supply chain, a production line, a fleet of rental cars or a server farm. And the irony is that today, a fleet of cars actually isn’t that different from a server farm—just on wheels.

Being an operator is about creating the system using technology from multiple vendors and then analyzing, synthesizing and optimizing, fighting to make it work better, more seamlessly, more fluidly.

The new connected car IBM will be working on with Toyota is an excellent example, where these guys are transforming everyday vehicles to gather all sorts of data that can adjust the suspension to accommodate road conditions, send drivers text alerts in real time about inclement weather and so much more.

As an example, we (IBM) helped the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC WASA) integrate advanced analytics with asset management software to reduce downtime with predictive maintenance on its aging infrastructure. DC WASA instrumented thousands of water meters with automated meter reading technology that enables the Authority to use data to create a deeper understanding of usage patterns to provide citizens with more sophisticated pricing and demand response options.

Or maybe you’re both an inventor and an operator.

The point is simply that it’s important to understand the primary IoT use cases, and it’s also important that you know exactly how you or your clients fit into those use cases to build the right strategy for optimizing the IoT.

Tomorrow I will discuss the level of relationship and hierarchy around technology. But really, this point is less about prioritization and more about understanding how the pieces of your infrastructure puzzle fit together to bring you the best big picture the IoT has to offer.  The IoT is the next concentric circle around the cloud. And of course, it is populated by things. But it’s also populated with people.



3 Thoughts on Internet of Things

December 9, 2014


Now, I’m no Einstein, but I do want to offer you three thoughts in the spirit of this quote. Three key ideas to keep in mind when developing or optimizing your strategy for the Internet of Things.

First, the IOT is both like, and unlike, the Internet. Based on our experience across a diverse set of industries and clients, …

… there is an approximately 70 percent overlap between the two. So there is no question that if you have a highly effective Internet strategy, you’re far ahead of those who don’t. Because that Internet strategy proves that you’re already well equipped for the majority of what the IoT will throw at you.

But it also means there is a 30 percent piece that is unique.

And like most things, the devil of the IoT is in the details. In other words, to be successful moving forward, we must focus on the unique aspects of the IoT. And the truth is that if we don’t respect those differences, failure is inevitable.

OK, then what are the aspects of the IoT that make it unique from the Internet? For simplicity, we’ve categorized those things into four primary areas.

1. Different devices.  And more of them. And new ones being invented virtually every day. It is within those devices that the potential to create this common language of the IoT begins; that is the genesis point for unity.

2. Different protocols.  Different rules for data exchange between different systems. Again, if we think about the Tower of Babel analogy, the potential exists with the IoT, but if we aren’t speaking the same language, or at least using protocols that are compatible, what good is it to us?

3. Different types of analysis.  And of course, different types of data that are all growing at an exponential rate. And then there’s all the historical data, ripe with value, that has yet to be tapped. How will it be analyzed? How can you refine your focus and make this now seemingly unmanageable task manageable once again?

4.  And different partners.  Yes, of course it is good to be strong in business processes and operations. But achieving IoT success means having the skills and capabilities that neither IT organizations nor industrial organizations have alone. It will require the right kind of partnerships, the right teams coming and working together to achieve a common goal.

So that’s the first key idea, the importance of focusing on that which differentiates the IoT from the Internet and refining your expertise, skills and partnerships to capitalize on those differences. To transform those technical challenges into business opportunities.

We’ll see the other 2 ideas tomorrow!!!


Video Blog: Teaching binary to Toddlers! Is it important for all to Code?

December 8, 2014

Why are fewer people graduating with a technical degree (12% today vs 37% in 1984)?  Why should you care?

Listen to this video blog to see how people are starting to train their kids earlier on how to code because of the upcoming importance to ALL on the power of coding!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!


As a social tool, LinkedIn is growing in Influence

December 5, 2014

I love the research from the Global Web Index and today’s aha moment was around LinkedIn.   As outlined in our GWI Social report, LinkedIn’s active user figure has increased by 50% in the las6 months.

Did you know that 30% of online 16-64s have an account on LinkedIn?  And 1 in 8 have said they have actively used LinkedIn within the last month.

In fact, 1 in 10 online 45-64s are active on LinkedIn – making it the second oldest network in terms of its age profile and giving it a user base which is similar to Facebook’s.

What’s more, a quarter of LinkedIn’s active users are in the top income quartile, while almost half say they tend to buy brands they see advertised. In both cases, this puts LinkedIn ahead of Facebook – giving some indication as to why the social networking giant is after a bigger slice of this premium audience.


Easier mobile app development tools take over SmartCamp Europe Regionals

December 4, 2014

Our final SmartCamp Regional event for the year was held last week in London. We had 9 startup finalists; that’s the largest SmartCamp Regional we’ve ever had! Eight countries across Europe, including Israel, were represented. It was a truly amazing event!

Watch this short video about the SmartCamp Europe Regional!

The results produced two winners who will be going on to the SmartCamp Global Finals: Kinetise and WakingApp. Congratulations to these two startups for winning what proved to be one of the most competitive SmartCamps ever!

There is a common thread between these two startups. Both are native digital app companies with mobile solutions that allow anyone to create a mobile app, even if they don’t have hardcore programming skills. Drag and drop features are evident in both solutions, making it much easier and faster to deploy the features you want and need into your mobile app.

But why make mobile app development easier for non-developers? According to Piotr Pawlak, CEO of Kinetise, it is “because of the developer shortage. There is simply not enough engineers in the market” to keep up with demand.

Kinetise and WakingApp have tapped into the future of mobile app development, and I couldn’t be more excited to have them compete at our Global Finals! You can follow them on Twitter @Kinetise and @WakingApp.

The People’s Choice Award went to Magick, winner of SmartCamp Nordics. It’s clear to see why they are so popular since their mobile, browser-based financial trading solution makes it so much easier to perform financial trades, especially in the foreign currency exchange trade. Something tells me you’ll be hearing more about Magick, like in financial magazines! You can follow them on Twitter @MAGICKnu.

And I’m so thrilled that Andiamo, one of my favorite startups, received a Special Mention during the event. Andiamo, our SmartCamp London winner, has a solution that uses 3D scanning and printing technology to create orthotics for children in a fraction of the time it took with previous methods… and cheaper, too! They are literally improving the lives of so many children and their families with this innovative solution. Congratulations to Andiamo and continued success! Follow them on Twitter @AndiamoHQ.

Follow my blog post for more on the upcoming SmartCamp Global Finals for 2014!


The 3-D Ultrasound Medical Scanner That Runs On Your Smartphone

December 2, 2014

Imagine that every doctor’s office – perhaps even every pharmacy – had a low cost imaging device running on a smartphone.  The scanner would be able to provide instant, real-time pictures inside damaged limbs and inside other parts of the body, significantly reducing the time taken for diagnosis.

No referrals, no hospital visits and faster treatments.
Several low-cost medical imaging devices driven by smartphones are now arriving. One of the most interesting approaches is from the Butterfly Network which proposes to make a small ultrasound scanner able to run on a variety of smartphones.
One issue with low-cost portable scanners is that family doctors and pharmacists will need training to interpret scan results.  But scanner makers are also likely to offer a real-time on-line interpretation service to assist.  And for a fee.  Compliments of Ray Hammond — a true futrologist!


Taking Government to the Cloud: The CalCloud Story

December 1, 2014

Great Black Friday Retail Analytics – compliments of IBM!

November 29, 2014

Our mega Black Friday wrap report is now out and it’s chalked full of data goodness. So grab a cup of coffee, fire up the analystics machine, and start the day off right with our Benchmark.

The headline: Black Friday drove a 9.5% sales increase from last year!


While Thanksgiving is starting to eat into sales, Black Friday continues to pay dividend for online retailers with a 9.5% sales jump vs. last year according to IBM’s real-time analytics.

Mobile shopping makes its mark on Black Friday as nearly half of online retail traffic came from mobile devices after beating the 50% mobile traffic mark on Thanksgiving. Black Friday mobile sales reached nearly 27.9% of all online sales, an increase of 28.2% last year.

New York City shoppers topped all online shoppers in Black Friday sales, according to the IBM data. New York was followed by Washington DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago.

In the battle of mobile devices, smartphone users were driving the most traffic on Black Friday, but it was tablet users who converted more sales.

Health & Beauty and Home Good online outlets were among the big winners on Black Friday according to IBM data analytics reports. Health & Beauty sales surged 56.9% while Home Goods built a 43.2% increase.

Facebook users coverted orders at nearly four times as many sales than Pinterest on Black Friday. Facebook also drove a higher average order value ($109.94) compared to Pinterest ($100.24)

Summarized — Here’s other Top 8 Factoids:

  1. Mobile drives over 49.6% of all online retail traffic on BlackFriday
  2. Mobile drives more than 1/2 of all online retail traffic for 1st time on Thanksgiving
  3. NYC is the #1 shopping city!  Top cities for online retail sales on BlackFriday: NYC, DC, Atlanta, Los Angelos, Chicago
  4. Smartphones drive clicks but tablets drive cha-chings on #BlackFriday
  5. Retailers get more targeted with the #BlackFriday email promotions sending 11% fewer messages
  6. Apple iOS takes nearly 4x bigger bite of #BlackFriday mobile shopping sales vs. Android
  7. Apple devices drive more than 2x traffic to online retailers than Android  and Apple iOS shoppers spend $121.86 per order vs. $98.07 for Androd – a 24% difference!!
  8. Facebook users convert sales at more than 2x rate of Pinterest on #BlackFriday

The evolution of retail: EyeQ and RosieApp from North America Regionals move on to SmartCamp Global Finals

November 28, 2014

We’re seeing an incredible transformation in retail right now driven by Cloud-Analytics-Mobile-Social (CAMS)! Nowhere was this more evident than at the US Regional SmartCamp Finals recently. The winners chosen by our crack judging team of VCs and startup experts both had something in common: they are transforming the customer experience for retailers and brands.

eyeQ gathers data about in-store customers to help retailers understand how purchase decisions are made at the shelf. How does the customer react to a given product? What role does gender bias play? How much time are they taking to make a purchase decision? eyeQ collects all this information on the Bluemix cloud platform, giving brands better customer insight. (Follow them on Twitter @eyeQinsights)

Likewise, Rosie makes it possible for small and medium-sized brick-and-mortar stores to offer a robust online shopping experience for their customers. They collect data on a shopper’s buying habits and then translate that into an enhanced online shopping experience. Their platform brings together the whole retail supply chain to deliver exceptional customer experience. The mobile-based RosieApp lets customers keep control of when their key groceries run out and order and deliver them automatically! A powerful recommendation engine suggests relevant products. (Follow them on Twitter @RosieApp)

Winning their second People’s Choice Award, BeehiveID’s solution for authenticating online identities clearly has a popular following of supporters and customers. Their solution is a critical service in our increasingly mobile and online lives! (Follow them on Twitter @BeehiveID)

Congrats to all our winners! And we look forward to seeing eyeQ and Rosie at our SmartCamp Global Finals!

Helpful links:
eyeQ -> http://www.eyeqinsights.com/
Rosie -> https://www.rosieapp.com/
BeehiveID -> http://beehiveid.com/


Infographic: Podcasts are rocking learning!

November 27, 2014

PODCASTS The-rise-of-podcasts-as-Business-Education


Content transformation and Fire fighting: Two startups make it to Global Finals!

November 26, 2014

What do two startups, one with a solution in content transformation and the other with a solution in fighting forest fires, have in common? They are both heading to the SmartCamp Global Finals! Stelae Technologies and Insight Robotics won our SmartCamp Asia Pacific Regional!

Stelae Technologies, winner of SmartCamp India, has an automated solution that enables an end-to-end workflow for information management. With at least 70% of cost savings over current solutions, theirs is one platform for multiple file types (PDF, Word, ASCII, etc.) and enables rapid turnaround times for converting files into multiple output formats (XML, S1000d, XBRL, etc.).

So, imagine if you had access to a single platform that enabled you to create, manage, and convert multiple file formats. That would be a huge time and money saver!

And I really love what Insight Robotics, winner of SmartCamp China, is doing to prevent forest fires. Just last year in the United States, over 9.3 million acres of forest were lost to fires! Just think of how many acres globally are lost! Thankfully, Insight Robotics has a solution to address this global problem.

Using thermal imaging sensors and advanced artificial intelligence vision technology, Insight Robotics solution allows fire fighters to quickly locate a forest fire, giving them a jump at extinguishing the flames. So precise is their solution that is can spot fires as small as an area of 2m x 1m within 5km radius!

Congratulations to Stelae Technologies and Insight Robotics! I’ll see you both at the SmartCamp Global Finals!

Helpful links:
Stelae Technologies -> http://www.stelae-technologies.com/
Insight Robotics -> http://www.insightrobotics.com/


Video: Be thankful!!! Pay it forward with Social Business!

November 25, 2014

Infographic: IBM Digital Analytics Predictions for Black Friday!

November 24, 2014



IBM ExperienceOne Benchmark Live

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Hub

Holiday Shopping Predictions Report


Bluemix Girl’s Nights Creating a Powerful Network of Women Developers!

November 21, 2014



Take back control of your work day!!! My Top 3 Work Transformations!

November 21, 2014

Today work is changing! There are 3 things that I see as significant changes in the work day:
1.  Prioritization is critical in the new work world due to information overload.  I get over 500 emails a day! I have to be able to prioritize the most important work. This makes me think of what Gandhi once said, “Action expresses priorities.”

So, everyday I have a list and cross off those items that don’t make the cut! This is one reason I love IBM Verse! With help from analytics, my inbox is now organized and prioritized, showing the top five actions that I owe or that I am owed, and when they are due! Sweet!!!

2.  Sharing is now more powerful than hoarding information

When I went to school, it was all about memorizing information.  But today true value is in sharing information.   My daughter, in a recent assignment at school, was asked to find the answer to questions through googling.  But she had to ensure that the information came from a trusted source.

With this new IBM announcement of IBM Verse, it enables my sharing.    I can share a file or conversation in just two clicks. Chat and meeting functions are built in, so collaboration is fluid. It’s easier than ever to share information and build great relationships. How cool is that?!

3.  Work when you want but not all the time!  

I love being able to work at any moment, but don’t like having to work at every moment.  Today, a mobile device is freeing …..and is the new style of work.  Doing your mail while waiting to pick up your kids!

With IBM Verse, my team now has integrated business communications even when on the road, and I love it! Sharing is fast and easy. Chat and meeting functions are built in, so collaboration is fluid. And I no longer get lectures from IT about security and cost.”
Here’s a quick video that shows you even more ways IBM Verse is designed to help you get your work done more efficiently!

Sign up for IBM Verse now!


2 Latin America Start-ups to watch! They Won Their Regional Finals by transforming industries!

November 20, 2014

Two Latin American startups changing the way brands and bands interact with their fans!  These change moments will help to transform an entire industry!

Have you ever stood in line to hear your favorite local band? From my experience, that seems to be a universal thing to have to do to hear your favorite band perform. But what if you could just watch them live from your living room couch? What if you could participate to more personal performance delivered through an app?

That’s exactly what Netshow.me does! Winner and Judge’s choice of our SmartCamp Latin America Regional Finals, Netshow.me is a live-media channel for online marketing, promotion and performing! Their solution can literally strengthening the relationship between broadcasters and performers with their fan base! Live streaming broadcasts can give bands total freedom and autonomy to perform whenever and wherever they want. Very cool! Follow them on Twitter @Netshowme.

The People’s Choice award went to Store Level, a provider of real time in-store execution monitoring using crowd sourcing and mobile technology. Store Level’s mobile app allows consumers to execute social media-type missions based on the brands’ needs.


In exchange for their work, they can receive cash rewards! Think about the possibilities! Using Store Level, you could actually get paid helping out the brands you enjoy most! Simultaneously, brands can analyze the results directly from their cloud-based dashboard. Talk about a mobile workforce!

Congrats to our two winners, and we look forward to seeing Netshow.me at the SmartCamp Global Finals!

Helpful links:
Netshow.me -> https://netshow.me/
Store Level -> http://storelevel.com/


Social Business Is Growing and Morphing !

November 18, 2014

I was re reading the recent ibm.biz/SocStudy on social business impact!  If you haven’t read it, please take the time to comb through it!

Some things that struck me! 

First, enterprises are rapidly adopting, investing in and achieving business outcomes from social.  In fact, Pacesetters, those who are exceeding in the market, are 4x more likely to embed social into both their internal and external processes!   43% of the best embed social into their processes but we need more to think this way!  Social is not a channel, but a more effective and efficient ways to transform business processes!

But how do they approach social?   Organizations tend to deploy clusters of capabilities together, each aimed at achieving a specific goal.  Most are driving both internal and external collaboration but the #1 social entry point for most organizations deploying is on a client engagement mobile app.

To ensure success, these organizations are building, educating and protecting the workforce.  82% of these companies also recruit their employees via social networks.

However, most of these organizations are using social analytics to support their decisions, not for making decisions.   For instance, 70% of those who are deploying social analytics still DO NOT USE THEM to influence marketing decisions – still rely on gut feel!!!!

Employees are critical in the battle for mindshare and relationships online!  43% of those deploying rely on employee evangelists to spread the word

Visit ibm.biz/SocStudy to read the full study and start driving your social business impact!


Why keep cloud in the garage? Entrepreneurs love it in San Fran!

November 17, 2014

Shark Tank is coming to IBM Interconnect!!! A MUST see!

January 28, 2015

Gang:    Running the Enpreneurship Program at IBM is such an amazing role!  As such I am thrilled to celebrate Entrepreneurship at Interconnect with SHARK TANK — my favorite show of all time!

Make sure you join us for some fun as members of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program go in front of some of the sharks!

See you there !




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