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Interesting – Practice of Flourishing Families

By |May 29th, 2009|

I am at my Harvard Business School Reunion. It is so great to see all my friends again and catch up! But we also get to attend great classes by Harvard Professors. One that I find intriguing today was by Charlie Collier on the Practices of Flourishing Families. The highlights included: -- A discussion on [...]

Top 10 things Women want! Social Media

By |May 26th, 2009|

I was just reading a blog on a survey done for women by Mary Kay. Very interesting that Social media made the Top 10 list of what women want now! It was a global survey! Take a read! Ten Things Women Want Now 1. Completeness 2. Strength & Independence 3. Family + Choice 4. Fulfilling [...]

We just won 5 Hermes Awards for Social Media!

By |May 26th, 2009|

Great news! My SOA marketing organization has received 5 Hermes Awards, as follows: Platinum Awards: Impact 2008 (Event Marketing category) Smart SOA Widget (Electronic Media/Other category) IBM Smart SOA Newsletter (E-Newsletter category) Gold Awards: Smart SOA World Tour (Integrated Marketing/Other) World Tour "Get Smart" Videos (Viral Marketing category) Hermes Creative Awards is administered and judged [...]

IMPACT Case Study #2: CICS and Social Media?!!!!

By |May 15th, 2009|

The CICS team has been leveraging social network marketing to prepare for IMPACT and beyond. It is catching steam - with active twitter followers, facebook group participants, regular followers like Steve Baugh - a popular blogger - who further broadcasts the message - and expand the reach in the marketplace in new ways. Here's recent [...]

Innov8 Success at IMPACT! Social Media Case Study!

By |May 13th, 2009|

I have such excitement from the announcement of INNOV8 2.0 at IMPACT in Las Vegas! Did you see it-- if not click me!! The early results from INNOV8's eNurture campaign shows that our click through numbers are exceedingly above industry average: 77.8% compared to an average of 25%. In addition, since using opt-in registration is [...]