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Social selling: Tip #5 Build your social graph!

Happy Monday!

We are continuing our social selling series and today will focus on one of the top 5 pieces of advice for strong selling in the blogosphere! 

The Blogosphere is a  connected community of all blogs and their interconnections, including micro-blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on. Essentially all social tools online.

Have fun building your social graph!


  1. Connie Harryman

    Why should you invest your invaluable time into creating your digital presence? Listen to Sandy Carter for this very concise yet in depth explanation and you will understand the value add to your personal brand of creating your own social graph.

    • Sandy Carter

      Thanks Connie!!!!

  2. allyco

    I love how simple you laid this out for us Sandy. Thank you.

    • Sandy Carter

      Thanks for your comment. If I can help you in anyway, let me know.

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