It’s that time of year again….the sights and sounds of the holidays, everyone full of good cheer and planning holiday dinners with family and friends.

But wait!!. Let’s not forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday! While many of us decry the early shopping times now available at so many stores on Thanksgiving, I and many others will head to the stores come Black Friday.  It’s almost a tradition now in some families to start shopping as early as Thanksgiving, and continuing on through Black Friday and of course, Cyber Monday. is joining the foray for power shopping this week with a special offer for several books, including my best-selling book, “Get Bold”, which has been translated into 9 languages. “Get Bold” provides tips, hints, and an agenda on how you can leverage social tools to transform your business operations while improving client and workforce relationships, while improving the bottom line.

Don’t miss these sweet deals to grab a couple books for yourself and for your friends on your holiday list!

Black Friday (November 24-30)  Offer: Buy 1, Save 30%; Buy 2, Save 40%; Buy 3, Save 50% with coupon.  Products included: books, eBooks, and full-course video tutorials

Black Friday – Get Bold Offer

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!