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Mint, Bric

I learned a new term today — MINT!

We have been doing strategy around BRIC for so long.  BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China.   These were the countries that were to drive the growth in the market.  I have been to all 4 of these countries and saw the growth engines turning but never the full potential that was projected.

But now there is a new term — MINT — Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey. Have you heard of this one?  Sure I have been to Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey and loved the.  Turkey is very exciting.  The tea is very good and the business growing.

But the stability is a question.  Turkey and Nigeria have politics that are in turmoil.   Indonensia is facing troubles too with investors.   So I’d love to hear your thoughts on MINT.

hurricane sandy 232

Let's go fly a kite! The Social Flight!

This weekend I went to see “Saving Mr Banks” which is the story about how Disney received rights to the character of Mary Poppins! (It was a great movie!)  My favorite part of the movie was how the song “Let’s go fly a kite” came to be — and it got me thinking about kites and social.

There’s an old saying in China – “those who fly a kite can have a long life.”   Interesting — kite flying on a regular basis can lead to longevity!

What does fly a kite mean in the Social Business world?

Get started — and keep trying! You may not be able to get the kite up the first time. Keep going — endure the failure! The same is true for Social. Starting is the hardest. You may experience some failure — ensure through it and learn the ropes!
Practice! To fly a kite, you need to practice. My daughter and I tried multiple times at the beach and finally got the kite up! In Social, to really see results, you need to keep going and practice! Social requires learning the tools and the practices as well as your clients.
Fun! Yes, flying a kite is fun. It is relaxing. Social is the same. Keeping touch with your clients is fun — not just the business side but the personal as well!

Social Business Video Blog on becoming a Social Business Bank!

I get a lot of questions on what does Social look like in a bank.  We have shared many banking references where a bank has started their their journey to become a Social Business.  In past IBM Connect Events, TD Bank, GAD and others have presented their journey!

Since this is a journey,  we pulled together a view of what a Social Business based Bank would look like.   We created Open Financial Network, a simulated world class bank, demonstrates the power of providing customers and employees with exceptional digital experiences.  Experiences that are relevant, intimate, social, drive real value and keep them engaged – anytime, anywhere.

I’d love your thoughts!

One Week Before Black Friday .. did you know Social's role?

Holiday season is upon us!  Black Friday is one week away.   I am already planning my Thanksgiving dinner, my Christmas cards and caroling, and New Year’s Plans!

So let’s start thinking about this holiday season!

Did you know that people use social differently during the holiday weeks?

They increase their searches on social networks around products and potential gifts, recipes, and fun. This typically occurs starting now through early January.   Their use of mobile goes up using the mobile device to show online and compare when they go into the store.

And don’t discount Twitter it plays such a role!  So get ready!!!

holiday Twitter_Holiday_Infographic_V6-450x1024

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