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Mint, Bric

I learned a new term today — MINT!

We have been doing strategy around BRIC for so long.  BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China.   These were the countries that were to drive the growth in the market.  I have been to all 4 of these countries and saw the growth engines turning but never the full potential that was projected.

But now there is a new term — MINT — Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey. Have you heard of this one?  Sure I have been to Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey and loved the.  Turkey is very exciting.  The tea is very good and the business growing.

But the stability is a question.  Turkey and Nigeria have politics that are in turmoil.   Indonensia is facing troubles too with investors.   So I’d love to hear your thoughts on MINT.

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  1. anacarolav

    Thanks for the new term! I did know it. I personally think that eventhough Turkey has some serious political problems, it remains as a key country in the business world. They have key advantage of location (being in Europe and all) and still keeping low cost of labor.
    Mexico is a good entry point for the North and Central American markets but I wonder if Panama wouldn’t be a better option… maybe it should be PINT instead!

    Ps. Great picture of the Hagia Sophia!

    • Sandy Carter

      Thanks! I agree. Turkey is so exciting and so innovative.

      • anacarolav

        I just realized I had a typo, I meant I did’NT know it! 🙂

  2. aargona

    I haven’t heard of the term MINT yet, but as mentioned Nigeria and Turkey have issues and they might affect any attempt of new commercial opportunities. Be caution is important. I agree with the suggestion above about Panama, this is a great country. I have already been there and it seems to me it is much more promising.

  3. aargona

    As mentioned, Turkey and Nigeria have issues that might impact in any commercial opportunity. Be caution is the word.The idea of having Panama instead of Mexico seems much more interesting. Panama is a great country, I have already been there and with the second Panama canal there will be much more commercial opportunities.

  4. Karl Lawall

    Turkey has a lot of potential and quite a history that reveals how it may become the lead growth country within the next couple of decades.

    “The Next 100 Years” by George Friedman makes the case.

  5. dialuz

    MINT is new term i don’t know but it is good for developing business that countries unfortunate Nigeria not get investors.I suggest to you first publish that term world wide then you have to take responsibility of that country it will be develop in future.Keep doing don’t get away.

    • Sandy Carter

      Great comments. Thanks.

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