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It's a BlueMix Party at SXSW and YOU'RE INVITED! MONDAY

OK, here’s the lowdown.

We’re having a party at SXSW with food and drink and you’re invited! If you’re a developer who’s always looking for the latest and greatest technology to build on, or have an idea for the next big mobile app, this party is for you!

Register at and use the promotional code, SMAC_at_SXSW.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about BlueMix, IBM’s open platform for developing and deploying omni-channel applications. Think about it, this could be the perfect environment for your next big project!

And, do you remember the supercomputer that won Jeopardy? We want YOU to put Watson to work with IBM’s Watson Mobile Developer Challenge! Learn how you can submit your ideas for a mobile application powered with Watson’s powerful cognitive computing technology.

Take advantage of this awesome networking event and the opportunity to learn more about the latest and greatest IBM technology.

So let’s get the food, drink, and ideas flowing! I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Liz Albert

    Looking forward to it!!

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