I was watching the SuperBowl and the verdict was the Defense Wins SuperBowls!

But does it win the Social Business game?

What does a defensive vs an offensive Social Business Plan look like?

Well first, for any plan you need to do a set of key tasks:

  • Have plan and set goals – you can’t get where you are going without a goal!
  • Establish metrics for success
  • Know your audience
  • Hang with the right folks
  • Share your best stuff
  • Measure, rinse and repeat
  • Be You!

Defense:  A defensive strategy is to prevent the other side from scoring a point. Defense usually attempts to mitigate an opponent’s impact.

Defensive Social would be:

  • Listening to what is being said and then responding
  • Protecting identities and security
  • Having a plan for any kind of “blogosphere” attack

Offense: An offensive play will goes after the goal line aggressively.  

An offensive play would be more focused on:

  • Sharing Point of View to shape the discussion and then jump in
  • Joining communities to be a valued based member, knowing that you do not own your audience
  • Focused on the social relationship to influence

Just as in any great football game, you really need to do both to succeed!!! I believe that both are required to win the hearts of  your clients.

Both are needed to succeed — Just ask the Seahawks!!