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Happy Mother’s Day to my “non social media” mom! Can you share your MOM stories?

Today I want to celebrate my mom.

I know you may argue but my mom is the best in the world.

  • She loved me regardless of what I accomplished just because.
  • She gave me encouragement in just the right doses.
  • She supported my efforts but showed me how to improve my weaknesses
  • She listened to me.  really listened to me!
  • She is my mom AND my friend.   But Mom first.
  • She taught me all the “selfs” — self confidence, self reliance, self esteem
  • She showed me fun!

Now, she won’t read this as she is not a social media mom but I love her just the same  (  smile!).

I’d love to hear about your mom.  Tell me why she was GREAT!

mom and i


  1. susan eustis (@susananalyst)

    This is a lovely picture and story. It is so human. My mon sat by me when I was sick, helped me get well.

    • Sandy Carter

      Susan! That’s what a great mom does .. and I know personally you too are following in her footsteps! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Rose Gabriele

    Happy Mothers Day Mom, love you for always supporting us even in your golden years. You did a great job of taking care if Daddy too before he went home to heaven. You’ve now mastered using your cell phone, next an iPad?xox Rose

  3. Lisa Blalock (@lisacblalock)

    Now that truly is an awesome Mom! No wonder you set such a great example, Sandy! Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mother.

    • Sandy Carter

      Thank you Lisa ..and I know you are a SUPER mom!!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Brandi Dillard

    I have “that” Mom.. My Mom is the type of Mom that is encouraging, loving, kindhearted, supportive, has strength and grace beyond all others. She is grounded in her faith and always makes things better. She won’t read anything on the internet, but finds humor in the fact that she understands what a “like” or a “tweet” is in today’s world. Wishing and hoping everyone has a Mom like mine.

    • Sandy Carter

      Congrats and what a blessing to have such a great mom!

  5. Vera Chota


    What a great tribute! My Mom also ranks up there as the best. My Mom (“Nan” in Albanian) is still my most avid supporter. She has an incredible wisdom and though she did not have the opportunity to have much of an education, she ranks as one of the smartest people I know (and I work with some of the smartest anywhere). Her wit, her practicality, hard work, generosity, love, sacrifice and caring for her family are what make my “Nan” the best.

    • Sandy Carter

      Your mom sounds GREAT!!!! Happy Mother’s day!!!! Sandy

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