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Create an App for Cloud and Mobile at PULSE!

With the world’s mobile worker population expected to reach 1.3 BILLION by 2015, we need some expert app developers to keep up!

With this in mind, I want to share with you some interesting facts and statistics you should know as you consider the value of attending an event like Pulse for your cloud business.


Our App Throwdown event at Pulse is not just a competition. It’s core intention is to get you in the game! The tiles above are not just describing what’s going to happen in the industry, it’s potentially describing your cloud business.

The App Throwdown will take place on Monday, February 24th. The winner will be on main stage on Wednesday, February 26th, in front of over 8,000 re-sellers, clients, and IBM sellers – giving you the opportunity to reach a new and broad audience!

This is your chance to show off your cloud solution and shine! Register now

and get in the game!

Happy Valentines! Digital tip of the week –– Organize your Twitter stream by creating lists

When you follow a high number of profiles on Twitter, it is sometimes difficult to get to know the important and useful tweets in between the “noise” of your timeline. Twitter Lists come in handy to keep up with the best tweets from the people you follow and cut the noise in your stream. You can have different categories of lists eg “customers”, “partners” etc to help you sort the content and you can make your lists public or private. Plus, lists are a form of appreciation on Twitter, a gesture of gratitude. And you might get listed back too.

Learn how to create Twitter lists here.

Watson Hot News !!! $1B, $100B, 51

Today IBM unveiled its plans to embark on a bold new direction with Watson by launching the IBM Watson Group, a new business unit dedicated solely to the development and commercialization of cloud delivered cognitive innovations. This is a strategic shift by IBM to accelerate into the marketplace a new class of software, services and apps that think, improve by learning, and discover answers and insights to complex questions from massive amounts of disparate data.

I am here in the room in downtown NYC at this announcement Event!

Through the IBM Watson Group, IBM will continue to provide our academic partners with the types of tools and resources needed to help students build the T-shaped skills (discipline depth and cross-industry breadth) needed to succeed in the era of cognitive systems. This includes new workshops and seminars at its headquarters on topics such as development skills and techniques, as well as networking opportunities for students, academics and professionals.

Following are key details about today’s announcement:

  • IBM will invest more than $1 billion into the Watson Group, focusing on development and research and bringing cloud-delivered cognitive applications and services to market.
  • This will include commitments of $100 million in venture investments to support IBM’s recently launched ecosystem of start-ups and businesses that are building a new class of cognitive apps powered by Watson, in the IBM Watson Developers Cloud.
  • The IBM Watson Group will have a new headquarters at 51 Astor Place in New York City’s “Silicon Alley” technology hub, leveraging the talents of approximately 2,000 professionals, whose goal is to design, develop and accelerate the adoption of Watson cognitive technologies.

There are several other ways in the near future that you can learn more about the new IBM Watson Group and the way that cognitive systems will transform how we live, learn and conduct business:

  • Register for a virtual conversation on Jan. 17 with Katharine Frase, IBM vice president and chief technology officer, global public sector and Chalapathy Neti, IBM director of education transformation research about the role of cognitive computing in education.
  • Attend IBM Global Entrepreneur Week virtually or in person, Feb. 3-7, for online and in person venture and startup focused events including a presentation from Fluid, a startup using Watson technology to transform the retail industry.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions, ideas or opinions about the IBM Watson Group. We invite you, your students, colleagues and network to join us in the ongoing conversations about IBM Watson via social media using #IBMWatson. You can also watch this video series that brings the IBM Watson story to life.

IBM Announcement: The new Watson Ecosystem!

Today represents a milestone in the IBM Watson journey: the IBM Watson Ecosystem!

As you may recall, the Watson Technology is at the forefront of the next generation of cognitive computers: systems that can mine vast amounts of structured and unstructured data and share insights using natural language. Now, through the IBM Watson Ecosystem, you will have the opportunity to leverage this technology in the Cloud to build your own disruptive applications. We are initially focusing on the healthcare, travel and retail industries (in English language) but will be expanding this over time.

So, how exactly can you partner with us to develop ground-breaking solutions?

We offer three options:

1) Application partners can leverage the Watson Developer Cloud to build solutions using the IBM Watson technology
2) Content partners can deliver knowledge and expertise through the Watson Content Store
3) Partners with strong skills in the areas the Watson Ecosystem covers can offer these through the Watson Talent Hub.

Organizations that are interested in collaborating with IBM to develop Watson-powered applications can learn more here.

5 Tips for a Better Social Customer Experience

Customer experience is a key differentiator for businesses.  In the age of social, the experience is even more important.

From some research this weekend around the “experience” area, here are some of the tips I find most helpful in this area.

Top 5 Tips for a Better Social Customer Experience;

  1. Post relevant content.    This technique pulls relevant people to your area.  Much like a retailer would leverage a storefront, or product, or specials to get people into the store.
  2. Use big data to understand your clients needs.   I believe the combination of big data and social is a game changer.  Using the social conversations that exists, you can learn how to better meet the needs of our clients.
  3. Be Consistent.   Your company will be on a number of social sites, and probably your own website.  Consistency in multichannel is crucial.  The new Generation C demands it!  Be Consistent in brand message and content and service. .   Consistency drives trust.   Trust drivers loyalty!
  4. Help your clients.   Provide them with social tools to help them decide on your products from the experience.   Think about recommendations from others. There is a new type of purchasing recommendation.   Instead of behavior driven – if you buy this, buy that because others did this, leverage the power that social brings:  “You share these attributes with the people who read this. You might want to take a look at it.”.  Gamification and other tools in the social world can increase your customer experience.
  5. Use predictive analysis to improve both current and future interactions.  Anticipating your clients needs keeps them in your camp longer.

Happy FRIDAY!! Social Tip of the week! Create a Social Calendar

Yes, a calendar.  If you have a blog, or Facebook page, or even Twitter think through your strategy of content that you need to study, learn, or create.

Then plan out your posts.   Now this does not mean that will not do the article and post that is in sync with real time events, but planning out your content helps you to add more value for your readers. 

For instance, I plan my series for my Social Business Coffee Breaks.   Each Monday, I post one of my VBlogs and I plan out the content.    5 Tips for better social selling for instance has a great following!   

Each Month, I plan my series, and my topics.  And then each weekend I write, research, poll, and ensure that I can add value to my readers!

Do you create a social calendar?

Women’s Toolbox Conference: Giving women the tools to excel in the workplace!

I’m so thrilled to be speaking at the Women’s Toolbox Conference on Friday, Oct. 18th! 

What is the Women’s Toolbox Conference? Exactly what it sounds like! It will deliver thought leadership, resources, and networking—all the tools that can help women create a lasting impact in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

Now what does making an impact mean for women? Well, not only can it translate to making more money, but also getting more clients, finding a better job, and being known for your expertise and what you bring to the table. All these things can set you on the course to living a more balanced and happy life!

I love initiatives that champion women in the workplace so I’m excited to be sharing some of my experiences and knowledge at this conference, specifically around social. I’ll be discussing how to become essential to your customers with social business by building your social presence, knowing your prospects and customers and their influencers, engaging and responding with speed, and celebrating your customers! 

Interested in attending this wonderful event and hearing from business superstars and thought leaders?

Register  for the event, which will take place Oct. 16-18th in Beverly, MA!

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