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IBM Announcement: The new Watson Ecosystem!

Today represents a milestone in the IBM Watson journey: the IBM Watson Ecosystem!

As you may recall, the Watson Technology is at the forefront of the next generation of cognitive computers: systems that can mine vast amounts of structured and unstructured data and share insights using natural language. Now, through the IBM Watson Ecosystem, you will have the opportunity to leverage this technology in the Cloud to build your own disruptive applications. We are initially focusing on the healthcare, travel and retail industries (in English language) but will be expanding this over time.

So, how exactly can you partner with us to develop ground-breaking solutions?

We offer three options:

1) Application partners can leverage the Watson Developer Cloud to build solutions using the IBM Watson technology
2) Content partners can deliver knowledge and expertise through the Watson Content Store
3) Partners with strong skills in the areas the Watson Ecosystem covers can offer these through the Watson Talent Hub.

Organizations that are interested in collaborating with IBM to develop Watson-powered applications can learn more here.