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Social Business in ACTION with Adoption, Community Management Training, and Social Business Agenda workshops! #LS12 #IBMconnect #ibmpartners

At our Social Businesss conferences in Orlando, we introduced three core offerings to add value to our clients in 2012!

1.   Community Management Training on how to become an effective community manager, the fastest growing job in social business.    This job type is one of many new jobs that Social has introduced into the marketplace.  Today, very few certification or education exists in this area where the demand is outpacing the supply.

2.  Adoption Advocacy which includes help for companies on their adoption of social inside and outside their four walls.   This includes governance, metrics, engagement plans, and communications and education on social tools.  

3.  Social Business Agenda Workshops.  These workshops address the top questions that companies have today:  How do I become a social business.  The workshop’s output includes:  a cultural assessment, an adoption plan, engagement strategy and analytics heat maps. 

IBM is also announcing a partnership with The Dachis Group, the world’s leader in powering the design, development, management, and measurement of Social Business performance, to help organizations quickly drive adoption success through a social business adoption quickstart workshop. The workshop combines IBM services for the implementation of Social Business solutions for enterprises with additional services from The Dachis Group and focuses on the use of social business technology while fostering cultural skills and engagement.

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  1. I’m enjoying your new book, and impressed with the momentum this year that you’re building up in social business for partners. I’m not able to attend those events.

    With regard to points #1 and #2, these are obviously connected. Do you see the Community Manager role as different to the Social Media Manager role, some of which would play out in #2?

    Do you think internal communities and advocacy are pre-requisites of the transformation to social business a la EMC?

    I’ve shown my hand by writing this blog post and I’ve advocated the difference between the roles of Community Manager and Social Media Manager, and that own Communities are a key to social business transformation.

    Do you think this is a sound path for most bigger enterprises or do you see other options working equally well?

    Walter @adamson
    @igo2 Group

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