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IBM Japan uses Facebook to drive Product Interest! Check it out! #ibm #socbiz #ls12 #ibmsocialbiz

While in Orlando, for IBM’s huge Social Conference, I met with the IBM Japan team on their new use of Facebook/Twitter/Twicsy for driving interest in IBM XPages. 

The character is call IKEYAMA-Kun, who is the Chief Engineer for XPages in Japan.

A very shy guy who prefers to develop XPages applications to provide the Web 2.0 experience to customers. However, part of his mission is to reach out to developer colleagues in Japan to evangelize what XPages is and what benefits it can bring. Also, with limited XPages updates in Japanese, he acts as the information bridge

IKEYAMA-Kun facebook page acts as the entrance to reach developers not only with classic IBM background but also JAVA developers and introduce XPages. Once we reach / make them interested in XPages, our goal is to bring them to our XPages technical community on developerWorks where deeper discussions and information sharing are conducted. Eventually, we hope that, a lot of valuable XPages applications are developed by XPages community members, so Notes/Domino business will keep momentum.

In just a few weeks, IBM XPages Japan community has grown to over 280 people. A very interactive community indeed. Some developers, all new to XPages, have shared sample demo applications which they had built.

Check it out here!


Monday Coffee Break! Social Business in Government! #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz #ibm

Our Monday Coffee Break …. a focus of Social Business in Government !

Surprisingly, Governments are a top adoptor about Social!  

Social Business Coffee Break! Barriers to #socbiz Adoption! #ibmsocialbiz #ibm

All!  Sorry I didn’t post this on Monday as usual but I took a quick vacation day while in Orlando!

I do think it is important to focus on the barriers of success — things like  Security, Adoption and  Cultural Fit are areas that all businesses need to be aware of and plan through their business.

Your thoughts?

Gamification and Social! #Bunchball #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #ibm

As you know, I have been a huge gamification driver for a few years — starting the first demand generation and educational game in IBM WebSphere with Phaedra Boinodiris on the game Innov8!

Now the market is demanding gaming — the average age of a gamer is 35, and the recall of playing a game is 80% higher than any other communication methodology!  We appreciate Rajat Paharia and the great work here to bring more Gaming to the IBM Connections Social Platform! 

Check out the “Level UP” concept of gaming from BunchBall built on top of IBM Connections!

At IBM Connect 2012, the Social Business Conference, BunchBall uses a great concept of Level Up — you see below Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 — providing fun in learning about IBM Connections, and a competitive spirit to get to the next level!

Here you see some of the metrics you can leverage while your teams are playing games!

Social Business Coffee Break! Simple Social!

Welcome to Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012!  Today I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page with a ‘quick” Simple Social view!

Social Business in ACTION with Adoption, Community Management Training, and Social Business Agenda workshops! #LS12 #IBMconnect #ibmpartners

At our Social Businesss conferences in Orlando, we introduced three core offerings to add value to our clients in 2012!

1.   Community Management Training on how to become an effective community manager, the fastest growing job in social business.    This job type is one of many new jobs that Social has introduced into the marketplace.  Today, very few certification or education exists in this area where the demand is outpacing the supply.

2.  Adoption Advocacy which includes help for companies on their adoption of social inside and outside their four walls.   This includes governance, metrics, engagement plans, and communications and education on social tools.  

3.  Social Business Agenda Workshops.  These workshops address the top questions that companies have today:  How do I become a social business.  The workshop’s output includes:  a cultural assessment, an adoption plan, engagement strategy and analytics heat maps. 

IBM is also announcing a partnership with The Dachis Group, the world’s leader in powering the design, development, management, and measurement of Social Business performance, to help organizations quickly drive adoption success through a social business adoption quickstart workshop. The workshop combines IBM services for the implementation of Social Business solutions for enterprises with additional services from The Dachis Group and focuses on the use of social business technology while fostering cultural skills and engagement.

Social Business! Culture matters MOST! #SMTlive #ls12 #ibmconnect #ibm

As promised from today’s webcast, here is a sample of the Culture Checklist!   Culture eats strategy for lunch!  So make sure you review your culture for its fit with the new social world!

Ways to change culture: 

  • Have a third party walk through the below checklist
  • Do a pilot to showcase value with a champion
  • Share other companies references and business outcome
  • ROI examples from McKinsey





Monday’s Social Business Coffee Break! #IBM Press “Get Bold” #getbold #ls12 #e2conf

Gang!  Our Social Business coffee break series is back on for 2012 due to the overwhelming demand!

Love to know the topics you’d like me to cover!


My 12 Things I am Looking forward to at #IBM’s Connect Event! THE Social Event of the YEAR! #socbiz #ls12 #ibmconnect

Here you go!!!

Continuing my list of 12s for the week!

1.    The BP day on Sunday.  Why?  I love Business Partners!   They have energy, passion and play such role in Social Success!  Reminder – OGS for BPs is at LUNCHTIME this year — not morning!  Energy level Up Up UP!!

2.   The OGS on Monday.  Why?  So much yellow, so much energy, and the surprise guest speaker.   I love surprises and energy!

3.  The TweetUps!    I think Tweet Ups are super fun because you meet people you “know” through Twitter!  What is better?

4.  The Australia Day Party on Tuesday Night.  Ok, I admit,  I didn’t know what it was until last year.  But now?  How can you miss it?

5.  Clients Clients Clients!    I love the number of client presentations, client meetings (I think I am fully booked) and client interactions at the water fountain in the Dolphin!

6.  The Weather!  Yes, I am a southern girl .. so warm weather is my fav! 

7.   The Super Women’s Group Meeting on Wed at 6;15PM.  We are hosting a Super Woman’s Group meeting for all us Business and Tech Savvy Woman at the event. Also our first C suite Lunch on Tuesday Noon.  If you didn’t get an invite, please tweet, comment, or email me at  Connect with other great C Suite Woman!

8.  Receptions, receptions, receptions.    There are receptions from Perficient, Prolifics, Ascendant, On 24, and on and on !  Party!

9.  All meetings at the Yacht and Beach club.    No, not really.

10.   Celebrating New Year’s with the Awesome Social Business IBM Sales team!  Enough said!  Could you ask for more?

11.  Hearing Jeffrey Gitomer, Guy Kawasaki,  Bill Taylor – Fast Company’s Founding Sr Editor.   Wow !  What a roundup!

12.  Seeing Social and Portal People everywhere!    I LOVE Social Business and Media but love meeting the “real” thing too!   I love those who love it too!  Come and find me!!!

My week of 12’s! My PERSONAL Favorite 12 foods ! #socbiz #ls12 #connect12 #ibm #leweb

What does this have to do with being Social?   Well, Social is about a relationship and this is a personal favorite list of mine!  Have fun!

1.  Cookies from Honolulu Cookies !  (especially the Cocunut!)

2.  5 Guys Burgers

3.  Chick Filet Nuggets

4.  Diet Dr Pepper

5.  Watermelon

6.   LaMaison du Chocolat 

7.  Danone Yogurt from Europe only!

8.  Bassetts Jelly Babies 

9.  Organic veggies from Kittle House

10.  Pasteis de Nata, wonderful soft, sweet, custard tarts from Portugal

11.   My homemade ‘hot’ salsa

12.  My mom’s potato pancakes (recipe from Lithuania!)

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