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Live from Web 3.0 / Social Media conference: Consumer Insights from the Web!

Still Day 1 — listening to speaker on monitoring the social web in Australia!

First some local stats!  Pretty interesting!!!

  • 2.3M Australians have created a blog, 1.6M are updating their blog, and 7.1M Australians read blogs!
  • 83% consume video,, 39% of Australians create online content in video, and 84% of Australians use the Web for sharing photos!
  • ACCC found that to reach Australians on product recalls, they need to be done in Social Media as well!

So where is Web 3.0 heading?    An evolution building on top of Web 1.0 and 2.0.  The view is that Web 3.0 is to figure out meaning of the technology movement in real terms.  So first in use is to understand how the web is used in making decisions.

In the past, web used for internal data to make decisions like what are needed new features, etc.   Now web 3.0 can be used for online BI to make sense of external data as well.

Case Studies:  

Unilever is tracking online what people are saying online about what consumers are saying about their products.

Ford using geographic analysis to determine demand as well.

One of the big 4 accounting firms is using social media for talent recruiting and track what new college students say about their company! Interesting!  This helps them aggregate information to better design their college recruiting program.

Quantas looks at where comments are coming from and determine differences in preferences culturally!

Taronga Zoo.  Cool stuff – taronga zoo measures social media buzz by flickr photos

Listening is very important!!

Advice given!  

  • Start listening and ask questions to understand the market. 
  • Collect and explore the data
  • If you are not ready, don’t worry about your strategy.
  • Focus on your core business in the listening

Questions from the conference!

What site can’t you get geo data from?  Buzznumbers focus on Australian market.   Discussed how they get geo data even if top australian bloggers have US servers.

Sentiment monitoring.  What advice can you give us?  To bot or not!  Speaker doesn’t like sentiment monitoring.

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  1. Hi Sandy

    Thanks for your blog post covering the BuzzNumbers presentation from the Web 3.0 and Future of Social Media conference in Sydney.

    If you are interested you can view the deck from the BuzzNumbers presentation on “The future of consumer insights” at

    Look forward to connecting with you further



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