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Top 6 Pieces of Developer News from IBM Interconnect – Swift, Microservices, links + Enterprise

Many of you have asked for a summary of news for developers from Interconnect.  Here are the top 6 pieces of news!

GitHub and IBM.    I am so excited that IBM and GitHub have formed a Strategic Partnership.  We will offer the first and only GitHub Enterprise Service in dedicated and Local Hybrid Clouds.  GitHub has a community of 12 million developers.

Bitly: Bitly is an amazing company that serves Enterprise clients.  Bitly selected IBM Cloud as its preferred cloud platform and will migrate its platform of 25 billion data-infused links to IBM Cloud to leverage its global scale and reach.  Bitly’s API, used by developers who embed more than 300 million links into their products and applications each month, will also move onto IBM Cloud.

GigsterGigster plans to use IBM Cloud as its preferred cloud platform for building cognitive apps. IBM will equip Gigster’s “shared economy” of developers with APIs for cognitive, IoT and more. Gigster, an online marketplace that rapidly curates and matches top software developers with projects that companies need built, plans to use IBM Cloud as its preferred cloud platform for building cognitive apps. Gigster intends to train its “shared economy” of technology talent—including 1,400 skilled developers and project managers—on IBM Cloud so that they can build the next generation of apps fueled by top services and APIs in cognitive, IoT, mobile and more

SWIFT: For the first time, we will roll out the tools on IBM Cloud that make it easy for 11M SWIFT developers to bring the advantages of the mobile language to build enterprise applications on the cloud. This could have an explosive effect on productivity for enterprise developers.

Watson APIs: IBM announced new and updated cognitive APIs that enhance Watson’s emotional and visual senses, further extending the capabilities of the industry’s largest and most diverse set of cognitive technologies and tools. Text to Speech (TTS) and Tone Analyzer have undergone significant advancements, and two new APIs, Emotion Analysis and Visual Recognition, are now available in beta. These APIs are pushing the sensory boundaries of how humans and machines interact, and they are advancing how technology can think, perceive and empathize. For more information visit

BlueMix Whisk: IBM announced the ability of IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk platform to enable developers to quickly build microservices that execute software code in response to events such as the clicking of a mouse or the receiving of sensor data from any IOT device


ICICI Bank Launches Virtual Mobile Appathon with IBM Cloud

ICICI Bank launched a virtual mobile app development challenge hosted on the IBM Cloud platform. Its India’s largest mobile app development initiative by a bank. Christened ‘ICICI Appathon’, the programme aims to attract developers, technology companies, startups, technopreneurs and students to create the next generation of banking applications on mobile.

Hosted on the IBM Bluemix cloud based platform, ‘ICICI Appathon’ will offer a diverse set of over 50 APIs from ICICI Bank and its group companies namely ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, ICICI Lombard General Insurance and ICICI Securities. As a first, payment APIs from ‘Visa’ and the ‘Unified Payment Interface’ API from NPCI will also be available for the app development challenge. Using these APIs, participants will have to create innovative working prototypes of mobile applications that provides a superior customer experience.

Three ‘ICICI Appathon’ champions will be selected by a jury of eminent leaders from the BFSI segment and startups. All participants will be judged on five criteria that include uniqueness, functionality, business potential, user experience and scalability.

The top three winners will win prizes from a pool of over INR 20 lakh along with a potential engagement opportunity with ICICI Bank. They will also be given a chance to be mentored by the event partners. Additionally, winners of the ‘ICICI Appathon’, who apply to the ‘10,000 Startups’ of NASSCOM will get a fast tracked entry into it. Moreover, two members of the winning team shall also have access to the network and coworking community of 91springboard (a co-working community of freelancers, startups and established small to large businesses) across India.

These start up lessons are among the most valuable!  Did you know that the top 4 startup lessons make up 80% of struggles that startups have?

I love the fact that being an entrepreneur is a club — sharing is part of it.   And that makes the startup nation lessons even more powerful and drives all boats to rise !

Let me know what you think of these lessons or others that have taught you!


Innovate a #mobile #IoT Solution Around Smart Homes and Buildings, Connected Travel and Transportation and Smarter Healthcare #cloud

Here at IBM we’re excited to partner with 4YFN (Four Years From Now) <> to introduce an exciting new tournament designed for you as developers, and startups, to pave the way to the future of mobile application innovation (! The deadline to signup for the Tournament and Bluemix is December 11th. You’ll then have until the January 6th to submit your IoT app innovation to potentially become a global champion on stage in Barcelona at 4YFN 2016,<>

The focus of the tournament is Internet of Things mobile development innovation. You as developers have the opportunity to build a mobile application related to one of your choice of three key burgeoning fields in the IoT industry including: Smart Homes and Buildings, Connected Travel and Transportation and Smarter Healthcare. Please read on to take a deeper look at these three themes, then explore details about what the world will look like in 2025 as a result of IoT and how you can develop the skills to stay relevant and ready to embrace those changes.

Theme #1: Smart Homes and Buildings

Do you have a brilliant mobile application idea that you think can help make everyday household tasks more comfortable, convenient and efficient? Perhaps your idea is designed to make mundane household tasks more fun, or allows people to interact better with objects in the house? By choosing the Smart Homes and Buildings challenge theme, you will be revolutionizing daily life, while transforming the future of domestic life, as we know it.

Theme #2: Connected Travel and Transportation

Transporting things across the world is getting more complex by the day. Be it the family vacation or a fleet of vehicles, the logistics of every day life are only just starting to be disrupted by the data available. Do you have an idea for a mobile application that can leverage weather data, traffic flows, and whatever else you need to deliver a safer, more efficient future for everyone? If so, connected travel and transportation should be your tournament choice.

Theme #3: Smarter Healthcare

What can be done to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare system, ultimately empowering patients by improving their experience and quality of life? With continuous advancements like remote monitoring and self-care engagement, the opportunities for smarter care are endless. Choosing to build a smarter healthcare mobile application will allow you to transform the healthcare system and create new efficiencies to allow healthcare practitioners and patients to enjoy a much more efficient and streamlined medical system.

There is no doubt that building your themed application will get you ready for operating in the future. Imagine that you are in the year 2025. Ambient computing abounds, it’s a world where devices work together to support people in carrying out their everyday activities. The world in which we live will conform to our identity and react and respond to our wants and needs, noticing our reactions and stimuli. Your chosen application will lead the way in this kind of world as it relates to smart homes and buildings, connected travel and transportation and smarter healthcare.

Given the complexity of this reimagined world, not only will you as developers need patience, diligence and passion, but also skills related to both software and hardware including: sensors, actuators, processors, radios, power, memory, industrial design, OS, networking, security, UX, apps, standards, and machine learning. A successful IoT developer will need to be creative enough to think outside the box and have a working knowledge of APIs and web/mobile native apps. Visualization and integration skills will be critical as well as agile development methods and a devops approach.

Now that you have a knowledge of what’s in store for the future, please join the mobile innovation movement and develop skills for the future in the Global Mobile Innovators Tournament. Visit: for full details, sign up for the Tournament and Bluemix by December 11th so as not to miss out!

Johannesberg and Madrid SmartCamp Winners Drive Job Creation, Gaming Innovation and Mobile Business Solutions!

I have loved the IBM SmartCamps, which are pitch competitions with incredible talent!
These camps brought a huge talent pool of startups to showcase to judges worldwide, thank you to all the startups who participated! Today we’re taking a look at a few exciting innovations coming from Johannesberg and Madrid before announcing our ten finalists, at the end of the week, who will move on to the next stage of IBM SmartCamps.

app smart

Congratulations to M4Jam from Johannesberg and both Jugo and Visualtis from Madrid. All three of these startups very much deserved their winner status for the solutions that they bring to the market.

About the startups:

1. M4Jam (Johannesberg) is a micro jobbing platform. They launched their solution as a platform as a service model taking the concept of EARN to existing communities and enabling people to earn extra cash while going about their daily routine by using apps that they are already using most.

2. Jugo (Madrid) believes that play will become the dominant way of human interaction within the next five years. By bringing game elements into everyday activities of organizations and individuals around the world, Jugo introduces a whole new level of purpose and passion to the workplace.

winner smart

3. Visualtis helps “mobilize ” existing information systems to manage them from a smartphone and further help clients manage any aspect of their business from their smartphone or tablet.

To learn more about these exciting companies, follow them on Twitter: @visualtis, @m4jam and @playjugo.

winner 2

Please continue to follow my blog to read more about the ten startups who will move on to the next stage of IBM SmartCamp 2015!


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