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Opening up the Sharing Economy in London! Smart Camp Winner!

Some exciting news out of London from yesterday! Congratulations to Compare and Share for winning yesterday’s pitch competition in London as part of IBM SmartCamp 2015.

What is Compare and Share? Think economy sharing aggregated. Compare and Share is the comparison site for sharing. This startup was born out of a passion to have the experience of a lifetime without it costing the earth. Compare and Share has users in 195 cities and the community continues to grow fast. Options include money-saving accommodation and transportation deals, plus a sharing economy directory of over 7,600 brands.

With a dedication to opening up the sharing economy, Compare and Share demonstrated the best market and competitive awareness, penetration and a solid team to drive the business to success and award them winner of IBM’s London SmartCamp.

london winner

What is Compare and Share’s purpose, “We’re here to open up the Sharing Economy for everyone and make sharing easy, quick and approachable. Sharing is better for our communities because it promotes smart access to goods and services, it’s better for people because it connects and builds relationships, and it’s better for our pockets because it helps us save and make money.” (

Thanks for participating in London’s SmartCamp event Compare and Share!

Follow Compare and Share’s story on Twitter at @compareandshare. For a complete look at application deadlines and public SmartCamp events, click here: Stay tuned for more SmartCamp stories in your city.

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