IBM surveyed 1,160 business and IT professionals to understand the state of social business adoption to take a pulse on how organizations are tapping the power of social technologies to advance business objectives.   There were lots of interesting data that was discovered but one that I wanted to focus on here was that only 22% of people embed social into their daily lives, despite having supported the initiative in the first place!

1.   Embed Social into your daily business process.   Unless you make social a part of the way your teams work, they won’t use it!  So embed social into your patent process, customer service, sales, recruiting, and more.

2.  Social should fit the way you work!   For instance, our leader in Australia loves video so we enabled him to do video for his communications in an easy way.   You shouldn’t have to change the way you work for social, social should enhance the way you work!

3.  Follow the leader!  A great way to get this embedded is when senior leaders leverage and set the example for the team!  The team then follows and embeds the new way of working.  For instance , in client service, having the sr leader leverage twitter gets others to try it too@!

I could go on and I would love to help you and your company in this endeavor!